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Testing early....

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So I promised myself after what happened on our last FET (tested a day early - negative, OTD - positive) that I wouldn’t test early.... today at 6dp5dt I thought.... SCREW IT.

I caved. I tested.... and a second line appeared.

I had reasoned that a negative was fine as it’s so early, so to see a line.... I was shocked to say the least.

I haven’t told my husband.... he’s been distracted all day by my stepson so think I’ll keep it to myself a little longer.

I’ll probably test again in a few days to see whether the line is still there and if it is, that it’s getting darker.

Here we go again ladies.... 5th time lucky I hope xxxx

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Hie Sprinkles...crossing my fingers that you do get a BFP Lots of babydust to yaXx

That's brilliant news. 😄😄 relax loads and be happy. 🍀🍀🍀🍀

Hoping this is your time and that your BFP remains for the next 8-9months xx

How exciting!! Fingers crossed this is your time! 🤞🙏 xx

Good luck my dear

Am hoping for positive all way through

And hopefully things will be just fine

Fingers crossed for you xx

Congratulations! Fingers crossed this is it for you this time!

That's great hun!! Fingers crossed for you!! Xxx

That sounds promising! Hope it is indeed 5th time lucky xxxx

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Fingers crossed xx

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Everything crossed for you, mine was 5th time lucky 🍀 ❤️

Congratulations 😁 Hoping this time is a success for you to happy &a healthy pregnancy ❤️ Xx

🤞 hopefully this is your time 🤞 xx

Sounds promising!!👏🤞xx

I have done FET in Sep now 8wks +4daysvpregnwnt, and I have got my first BFP on 6dp5dt on first response test on evening urine. Congratulstions. Apparently I read somewhere that on 6dp5dt HCG hormone is starting to be realised so you can get positive pregnancy tests already, well done and happy 9months x

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Congratulations!! How on earth are you managing to keep quiet?! I hope everything goes smoothly for you xxxxxx

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Rubinaa in reply to Hidden

Exactly!!!! I was running up and down the house with excitement. Hahaha

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Hidden in reply to Rubinaa

😂 😂

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Sprinkles86 in reply to Hidden

Hahaha he’s not an advocate of testing early after what happened last time.... 🙊 not told him yet, going to wait til OTD and see if it’s still there xxxx

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Well done sprinkles I'm so very happy for you xxx

Keeping everything crossed for you.

Congratulations hun ❤🍀 have a smooth and healthy pregnancy xx ❤💞🤞🤞 xxx

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