Testing early again

Morning ladies, underwent our 2nd ìui this month and our OTD is 31st july but again couldn't help myself & tested this morning and got BFP and now questioning it. I tested same time last month with first pee of day and got BFN, today using clearblue digital and 3rd pee this morning got BFP could this still be the drugs or could it be true (fingers r crossed)

good luck ladies who r still to test xxxx

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  • I'm not at all sure what drugs you get whilst going under iui. But unless it was hcg within the last couple of days(not sure how long hcg takes to leave your system,but other ladies on here will know) , I'd say it was accurate. The fact that you tested the same time last month and got a negative would also suggest to me it was a real positive. Big congratulation to you ❤️When you've been trying for a while, it must be hard to believe when it actually happens. Probably take sometime to "get used to". If you are at all concerned you could always phone your clinic, failing that could contact your GP,if you are a bit worried the clinic might get funny with you testing early. All the best 😊 X

  • Thank you jess I had an ovitrelle injection on tuesday morning I just need to hold out till at least wednesday as that's when af is actually due xx

  • Ooo, good luck! Stick baby, stick and keep growing!

  • Still stuck and AF not due till Wednesday. Another test done this morning (not digital) and got a faint positive line. fingers well & truly crossed

  • Hi. Mine are crossed for you too! Good luck! Diane

  • Thank you Diane & Filmgirl

  • Did my official test today as I'm out for the day tomorrow and didn't want to ruin the day. It was BFN, hubby has banned me from doing anymore early testing on our next cycle.

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