IVF round 2 (Frozen Cycle)

Hi , I'm just about to start my second round of IVF I'm so nervous ! We were very lucky as we had 8 good Embroys Frozen so we have ask for 2 back this time , we have in explained fertility which I find hard as I would rather know there is a problem and try fix it! Everything the first time round we so well.... perfect 5day Blasto put back and all postive but it just didn't work ! We have spoken of all risks with 2 back but il 34 in March and would be happy with Twins or Single ! We have also been talking to our specialist about the Urtious scratch but have decided to leave that's for if we have to get to a 3 rd cycle , this would b a fresh cycle , this second round is frozen so fingers crossed 🀞🏻🀞🏻 I'm off to clinic in Monday for Injection in the butt to get this process started , has anyone else had this? Also has anyone else had 2 blasto thawed and put back? Many thanks πŸ’

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  • Hi Bourner84. Just wanted to wish you well with this round, and that your little frosties behave and stay with you. keeping everything crossed. Diane

  • I haven't experienced a FET only fresh cycles, but wanted to say the very best of luck. I've heard FEtS have great results! πŸ€πŸ€žπŸ»

  • I've just been for nurse consultation appt today and start my FET drugs next week too but only having one transferred. Just wanted to say that my cousin had unexplained fertility and she had 3 fresh rounds and was successful with twins (2 embies transferred) on the third round. She swears that they needed each other other to implant and survive. Hopefully the same for you. Good luck!

  • I’m having FET in December and am also having two transferred back in. I had a fresh cycle back in 2014 and was incredibly lucky for it to work first time. I froze 6 at the time too and having two of these implanted in December. Xx good luck xxx

  • I was also successful on my first round and my clinic won't implant 2 because of it. They really believe in the one at a time philosophy. Good luck with your transfer!

  • Hi, I wish you luck and do hope this is your time we have had fresh and frozen. Both has worked for many different people. Always have Hope x

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