Low follicles count and Size!

So I was sort of breezing through the process with a positive and laid back attitude. I had seen a couple of friends experience the highs and lows, but I thought if I was relatively relaxed I would be in better place for things to work.

I have no known fertility issues but I managed to marry an older guy who has had a vasectomy (he has 2 grown up kids) anyway, I had my 7 day scan and 8 follicles showed... right not amazing but I wasn't worried, then my 10 day scan showed 10 follicles and my consultant said there may be talks of cancelling the treatment. Instant shock.... turns out that yes there are follies but they aren't growing very well. They have decided to leave it till Monday which will be 12 days stimming.

So as it stands I have the the following sizes, left side 14.5 10.5 12 7.5 7.5 right side 10.5 8 9 8.5 8.5. The right side haven't grown much from day 7. So I am now laying in bed with a hot water bottle and drinking loads of water... praying that things change.

Anyone had similar experience as I read people saying about follicle amounts but not so much size. I need at least 3 to be over 17mm apparently. I do have more pain today which came on yesterday but scan Monday and I am super depressed.


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  • I only had a few on my first cycle and was gutted but it's surprising how much can change from scan to scan so hang in there and hopefully it will be good news on Mon for you xxx

  • Thank you for your words of support, I will post on Monday to let you know. I was obviously getting away with things too lightly before.

  • Hi there - sorry to hear you're struggling with this, I completely understand... I have very low AMH which came as a shock as I'm only 31 (only haha). My follicle count went from none to 12 then back to 8 on the day of EC. Our EC was pushed back as my follicles weren't big enough (I would only have had 2) so they kept me in the menopur a little longer and I ended up with 8 follicles, 8 eggs. Only two of which were viable in the end but apparently that was enough as I'm 15dp2dt and I got my BFP! Please don't lose hope, my DH had to remind me to have faith in the professionals, they know what they're doing.

    Lots of luck x x x

  • Wow, that's made feel a lot better. I am doing everything in my power to make a difference this weekend. Huge congratulations !!!!! Ps I have just turned 32 so I also thought age was on my side. Xxx

  • Ah we're only babies!! ;) It's hard to relax but try your best. I was crying in the nurses office when they told me πŸ™ˆ But they know what they're doing. Hope everything works out well, enjoy your weekend :) x x x

  • Stay positive, loads can change in a couple of days. I started out with only 4, by last scan they saw 10 but only 7 right for colection. At EC they actually got 11 from 12 follicles of which 2 have made it to day 5, so have hope. Lots happen in a couple of days. I'm 38 with low amh and was taking 6 lots of menopur a day. At my final scan they only saw 2 maybe 3 on my left ovary but at collection it was 6 from each side. Good luck x

  • Your story is exactly what I want to read... I am going to make the most of today, be positive and motivated... and blow dry my hair nice to make me feel better then see what happens on Monday . Perhaps I should be looking for a new husband, one without his tubes tied and a little more subservient. Xx

  • Don't give up lovely. On my first cycle I was a slow grower and they took me right up to day 15 of stims before deciding I could go ahead and only just but ended up with 9 follicles. Have faith and think positively. You can only do so much so don't beat yourself up. You're doing everything you should be...drinking lots of water and print a hot water bottle on your tummy.

    Maybe try eating a high protein diet (lots of eggs and chicken etc) if you're not already. Remember if on the small chance that you don't get to EC you shouldn't lose your cycle on the NHS so get another go... keep strong lovely. Chin up and determined head on 😊 Lots of luck to you xxxπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thank you for your words of support. Eggs for breakfast I think! On a less important note an extra day of stimming would be great as the hotel i want to book into is full on my predicted ec date lol. Although no nhs for me... as hubby has 2 children We don't qualify. Will post to say how Monday goes. Have a lovely Sunday. Xxxx

  • I don't have experience to share, but good luck for the scan tomorrow. Loads can change over a short period so keep positive xxx

  • Well I had the scan and there had been growth... not amazing but I have one at 18mm, one at 15.5mm and the rest been 10.5 and 12.5, I thought they would extend the stimulating longer but just had the call to say I am in for another scan tomorrow morning. They don't want to over bake the big ones so they may just go with those. I have sort of adjusted myself now and I think the key thing is expect the unexpected. πŸ™ƒ xx

  • It's great that things are progressing! Good luck for your scan tomorrow - remember it only takes one egg :) x x x

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