Number of follicles and time in cycle when scanned, what's the difference?

Wondering if anyone can help. Last year I had a scan when I was on my period to check number of follicles first scan showed 3 I was then retested another month agian on my period and scan reviled 7 in total. I have just had a scan today (to check all looks okay before ivf) on day 7 from my last period and scan reviled 12 follicles in total which I was very excited about. The dr said it doesn't matter how many follicles you have because we are reviewing them at the wrong time in your cycle, but surely if I have 12 follicles now then surely there is a good chance of me ovulating this month when I get to day 14 and surely today's scan was better then the previous scans? Just very confused can anyone shed any light and explain this better to me. Xxx

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  • Sorry Hun I am no follicle expert. Mine were never monitored before treatment just during. I guess it is the ones during treatment you want to be most concerned about and I am not sure if the number follicles you get during treatment is linked to how many you have before treatment as the treatment is to make them need follicles to be about 17mm at my clinic for them to book you in for egg collection. What I noticed was they were less concerned about number of follicles at my place as there was no chance I was ever going to get too many I don't think..they were more concerned with length. Also not every follicle produces an egg so you never really know until egg collection. When will you be starting treatment? Xx

  • Thanks vic that's very helpful, feel like I always need a biology lesson after each appointment with the dr to make sure I'm following everything correctly πŸ˜‚. Today scan was all good so next step is ivf talk and process on the 17th March and then medicine plan with the nurse on the 20th March so feel like things are finally moving along. How are you bearing up are you managing to keep yourself some what occupied in your 2ww? Xxx

  • That's very exciting now for youπŸ˜€πŸ˜€. I am ok..not feeling so good today but this 2ww seems to be going quicker than last time so that's good I hope xxxx

  • Hope you've been feeling better today and good to hear that the 2ww is going by. I've got everything crossed for a positive outcome for you xxx

  • Awww thanks Mrs. .keep us posted on your treatment xxxx

  • I was told amh can be a better indicator. My clinic uses amh over the follicle scan but even said they only use it to gauge the initial dose of stims.

    I had 7 follicles on initial day 3 period scan and my amh is 8.88. Had 8 follicles on the last count and going into ec tomorrow

    But it's good that you did have more follicles surely x

  • Yes good to know there are some there at least. Best of luck with your ec tomorrow i hope all goes well for you and good to hear that you have a good number of follicles, fingers crossed they contain lots of healthy eggs xxx

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