Severe abdominal pain that seems to be getting worse 😒

Hi ladies

I need your help.

My EC was on Monday (19 eggs with 30+ follicles). I'm in absolute agony and don't know what to do. It has got worse... it's mainly lower abdomen but also my sides. It feels like I've pulled a a bruised feeling inside but also a sharp stabbing pain particularly in my lower abdomen. I know some of this pain will be from the EC (it was very painful for me during the procedure...nothing like my first cycle) and even trapped wind could be making it worse. I find it sore to pee, laugh, walk, cough etc. It feels more muscular bit like it's torn.

I'm not sleeping well because of the pain and it's making me feel a bit sick when it's really bad (usually at night). I'm taking paracetamol, codeine (as little as possible as this can constipate) and anti sickness tablets when needed. I'm massaging the areas and applying a gentle heat, I'm drinking lots of clear fluids, peppermint tea, water, ginger tea, turmeric in water (yuck), and eating lots of protein (yogurt, chicken, nuts, eggs etc). I just can't get rid of the pain. I'm off my food as I feel "full" all the time.

I've rang the clinic twice now (tues and thurs) saying it's getting worse and they've said they're not worried but to rest up and take the drugs. I feel like they're not listening to me. I know my own body and I know how I felt in the first cycle and this is horrendous in comparison (this is cycle 2). Last night i had like a prickly feeling in my legs at the same time as the pain in my tummy. I was crying so hard it hurt my tummy more and hardly slept. It's really getting me down and that's not me. My lovely hubby is being supportive but he is at work most of the day (I've been on leave since EC). I'm worried that the clinic said im at risk of OHSS and my ET (5 day) is tomorrow. Any help or advice please? Xxx

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  • Go to A&E and get checked out it doesn't sound nice what your going through. Big hugs X

  • Aww hun, bless you ! You should be feeling a bit better by now, not worse... Defo go and get yourself checked out just to be sure, especially as youve been told your at risk of OHSS. I know the pain you mean and it really isnt nice xxx

  • Aw Kat :( If you don't want to call the clinic again call your GP or like Button says go to A&E. I was bloated and uncomfortable but nothing like what you're describing. Take care x x x

  • Don't want to scare you and I'm not an expert but this sounds similar to what I had last time with moderate OHSS. I may be wrong but best to get yourself checked? Someone once told me if they put the embryo back in while its not harmful to them it can make your OHSS last longer? I know it's hard though you just want your baby inside not all this drama :( if your embryos are freezable quality maybe thats an option until you feel better? Speak to the clinic for sure. I was really ill last time and got fluid in my lungs but this time *touch wood* I'm feeling the achey pain and pressure nearly gone after day 2. I don't think the clinic are right to brush you off when you feel worse after collection. Hope you feel better! Xx

  • Thanks girls xxx KittyK this is what I suspect too but the clinic don't seem worried. I know my body and this is far worse than last time when I was bloated and sore. This is bent over in agony. I'm trying to drink as much water as poss and have started drinking non fizzy sports drinks with electrolytes in them which is really helping (thanks Miraclebeliever for the tip). I'm supposed to be going to the clinic tomorrow for ET so will see how today goes. Having more acupuncture today (had some on tues and it helped). Thanks for your support girls, you're amazing xxxx πŸ’•

  • Hi Kat9lives. It does seem as if your ovaries are still a bit active. All you can do for now is to make sure you drink plenty of water, rest when you can, and take paracetamol for the pain. Keep an eye on your urine output, and if it tails off you need to be seen. also should you become breathless. Hope all soon settles down for you - it's not nice. Diane

  • Hey,

    I would either turn up unannounced at the clinic or straight to a and e hon

  • The clinic is 2hrs away otherwise I would have! Thanks for your help girls. I've been to acupuncture and that's really helped and am dosed up still. Going to hold out for ET (or not) tomorrow. Xxx

  • Hi Kat - Glad to hear you're feeling better :) I drank coconut water after my ET which I think helped ease my tummy a little. It's not for everyone but it's good for electrolytes too x x x

  • Hey

    Be honest with yourself and the clinic tomorrow, if you feel bad, it may be better to freeze all. Gives you time recover, without pressure. If you're so hurt your body is fighting, you need to relax and be a happy place for your little ones toNestle in 😍😘😍

  • Hope you're feeling better Kat x

  • Aww sorry to read this. Hope you are feeling a bit better. You know your own body, if you don't feel right go to a&e. Hoping its better for tomorrow xx

  • Hope youre feeling better hun! Good luck for 2moro xx

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