ET today!

Good morning lovely ladies.

Well today is the day for ET, and I'm so nervous. I'm nervous that my Embies haven't improved since Saturday & that I'll get told they can't be used!

And I'm nervous they will say my body isn't ready for them. I still have bad tummy pain from EC, which was last Wednesday , it feels like I've strained/pulled something in my left ovary area. I'm assuming it's because that ovary is harder to find & they said it was harder to do the EC. I was awake the whole time & felt everything! It was very rough. So am thinking it may just be internal bruising? I also keep having period pain like twang's too.

It's not until 2.30 but I don't think it's going to improve, pain wise.

Should I phone the clinic & tell them. Or just turn up?


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  • Hi Becky - good luck for this afternoon, will be thinking of you! Just let them know how you're feeling when you get there I'm sure many women feel the same way. The ET is more uncomfortable than painful, just like a longer smear. I'm sure everything is going to go just fine! Keep your hot water bottle on your tum all day and then you'll have to retire it after ET! And make sure you get plenty of rest as soon as you get home.

    Let us know how you get on! x x x

  • So my hottie now. Just not after! Thank you hon. Will keep you up to date. Xx

  • Just want to wish you all the best Becky, only a few hrs away to having your precious embies with you!! πŸ˜€ X

  • Thank you very much xxx

  • I hope all goes well. Remember full(ish) bladder!

  • Thank you xx

  • Good luck! Xxc

  • Thank you xx

  • Good luck for this afternoon Becky179 Sending positive vibes and baby dust for successful ET and BFP xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Good luck this afternoon πŸ€ X

  • Thank you xx

  • Thank you, you lovely bunch! ❀

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