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FET cycle has started

Got my period today so now back on the drugs. Was nice to have a week or so without taking anything. Have just got over egg collection and the constipation from the pessaries and now I have period pains - the fun never ends.

Provisional date of 28th May for transfer of our one little blastocyst. The consultant yesterday actually seemed quite positive and although we'd obviously love 2 to transfer, she said this embryo was as good a chance as we could get.

Need all the positivity I can get. Back at work this week after EC and really struggled to get my head round things when last week was all about IVF. Off to gaze at snowy mountains this weekend to clear my head (I live in NZ).

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Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I also had just one good enough for transfer and am now in the two week wait. New Zealand is just beautiful we travelled there in 2011.Keeping distracted is a good idea - my consultant said "just carry on as normal" but when you're carrying the most precious thing in your life it is hard to! Sending love and hope to the other side of the world xxxxxx

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I hope FET cycle goes well.

Enjoy gazing at the mountains.

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