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Noritherisone (if this is how it's spelt) before FET

Hey ladies

Ok so I'll try to explain this without confusing everyone (as well as myself lol!)

Period this month has come 4 days early. Meaning July period will likely be 4 days early now too.

I had my periods timed perfectly. July period is when I phone hospital and they'll take me in on day 21 of cycle for my injection to start FET. Day 21 of cycle landed the day after I got back from Spain - perfect! However, now it won't! 😥

Day 21 will now land while I'm in Spain! So I have Noritherisone at home. I am concidering taking his to delay my July period for a few days and then controlling my period to start roughly when it should have so that Day 21 of cycle lands when I'm home from Spain. Would this be ok? I don't really see why not but I just wanted to make sure.

I don't want to delay FET because 1. I've got in my head that we'll stay this in August which is when Day 21 lands and 2. I have 5 days annual leave left which I've held back for time off in September after transfer. These annual leave days have to be used by end of September so holding treatment back would affect that.

Thanks all xxx

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I'm not an expert but I wouldn't do anything without speaking to the clinic. I was put on norithisterone to delay my period to suit the hospital but that was for twelve days so not sure about only a couple of days. Even with this you can't guarantee your period will come the minute you stop. It's very hard to plan down to the exact day. Xx

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Thanks for your reply 🙂It would be ok for my period to come late after noritherisone just can't have it early as mean my cycle day 21 lands when I'm not even in the uk. I'll maybe call them, just don't want to be told my FET would need to be delayed through this 😥😥. Xxx


I can't see why. They use it all the time to suit them so hopefully will be ok. Good luck x

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Thank you 🙂 Xxx


Hi Amanda!

I would agree with jacs- definitely wouldn't do anything without speaking to clinic. You often have to be on norethisterone for a while in order to delay it. I.e can't take just for a few days. Often on holiday - with temperature change etc I've always found that my periods come early and can sometimes override the pills. Often can for others too.

Either way you don't want to jealousies the whole process so worth talking to clinic.

Good luck either way. I know how frustrating when things don't go to plan. I had all my hols planned out and then my IVF was delayed due to irregular bleeding 😞

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Thanks. I've enough to take it for 3 days prior to bleeding as they recommend plus enough to delay for 2 weeks although I'd only need to delay it for about 4 days (so 3 days prior tablets plus 4 days) I'd get this period before my holiday thankfully.

I'll give them a call just to double check as don't want to jeopardise treatment.

Thanks for your reply 🙂Xxx


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