FET success!!!

FET success!!!

Today I am 5dp6 day FET. And I took a test and I'm pregnant!!!! I can't believe it. After having my tubes removed I never thought I would ever get this chance. I know it's still early but I am for now I'm on top of the world! OTD isn't till next Wednesday so a week today then I'll hopefully have a early scan booked to check everything is in the right place. I'm in utter shock!!

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  • Huuuge congratulations! Such lovely news, I am soon to start a fet after a failed fresh earlier this year so this gives hope 😊 Lots of luck to you for a healthy pregnancy xx

  • Thank you so much! I can't quite believe it! Im cautiously optimistic, iv had previous miscarriages and ectopic so hopefully soon when we see everything is well and in the correct place I can chill abit. I found FET so much easier on the body. Massive good luck for your FET 😘😘xxx

  • Fantastic news, congratulations! Can I ask when your OTD is? I'm 12dp2dt and tested this morning, I'm just not sure how accurate my result would be x

  • Thank you😘 My OTD isn't actually for a week it's the 15th so a week today so I know it's super early. Good luck to you 😘 Xxx

  • How are you feeling today Georgia? Have you tested again? I have a problem... I've done four tests in two days πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ x x x

  • Massive congratulations xxx

  • Thank you so much ❀️ Xxx

  • Hi Georgiarobyn. Just wanted to add my good wishes too for a safe, ongoing pregnancy and birth. Get that scan booked, so you can see your little "bean"! Diane

  • Amazing!!! Congrats xx

  • Awww huge congrats! Fab news!! And from a fellow tubeless member then this is great to rid and gives me hope. Brilliant news! x

  • *read* not rid!

  • Congrats xx

  • Congratulations!

  • Congratulations!! You deserve it after such a tough journey. All the best :)

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