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How often did you home test before OTD


im on my first round of IVF. EC was in Jan. only had one embryo to freeze. it made it to 5days.

i had the transfer on 27 May. i did a HPT on 4 June and it was positive- like immediately. so at this point i was 5dt and 7 days later?

but yesterday i started getting more period like pains and i sweated overnight- which is a sign of my period.

shall i test again? hosp test not till friday. is it likely that i tested too early?

im on progynova and cyclogest and was on them before transfer and still am

i would really appreciate some advice


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Hi Faith - my ET was on the 27th May too but my OTD isn't until the 13th June :( Such a long time away. I would try to hold on as long as you can. Friday isn't that far away now and you could be anxious for the rest of the week even though the result could change. Did you have to have any Pregnyl injections with FET? Period pains/symptoms are associated with very early pregnancy so try not to worry too much (says the girl who's actually going out of her mind!). Best of luck whatever you decide x x x



Thank you for your response. i was on suprecur but i stopped that i think a week before the transfer or maybe even before that.

i might test again tomorrow or wed- cant help it

how about you have u tested?


I have. I wish I hadn't. I'm not going to now until the weekend. There are too many differing reports from people who have gotten early or late BFPs. It's so hard not to test. I wish I could hold it together more than I am, I always knew this was going to be challenging but I wasn't expecting it to be this hard x


i know, i didnt think it would be this difficult either. good luck to you and thank you for your response.x


I didn't buy HPT until day before OTD. That way there was no temptation to test early.


When I was first doing IVF I followed the rule of wait until test day and I found I got more stressed out by the wait! So after going through 3 cycles I started to test earlier and earlier and actually I found that it relieved my stress greatly, even if I got negative results. At least I had some information to consider rather than nothing! But it's a personal choice and if a BFN would send you into depression or a false positive (very rare unless you had an HCG shot) would be too upsetting then probably better to wait as long as possible.

This last cycle I tested on 5dp 5dt and then every two days after that.


Thank you


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