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2 week wait, how do you know it’s failed?


Hi guys I had my transfer on Wednesday and was wondering apart from having a negative test at the end, do some people come on their period in this waiting period?I’m officially due my period on Tuesday but don’t test till the following Tuesday.

I’m on the pessaries three times a day and am experiencing very light not pains but feelings/ movements, and sore breasts, which are my usual signs the week before my period is due. Will it just come in as normal if it hasn’t worked?

I was a 5day transfer with an excellent egg (they didn’t tell me the grade)and have two more excellent eggs frozen.

I just feel I’m sittting here analysing everything , I feel something, and I’m asking myself “ooh is that a period like pain or maybe bowel pain -I suffer from ibs “ it’s driving me crazy. ...I’m sure I can’t be the only weird one here waiting out like a crazy cat....

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Noo you are definitely not the only one... I am driving myself crazy too!! I took a nap at noon yesterday and thought may be feeling sleepy is a sign...other than that I have no symptoms and that makes it worse coz I have been thinking it didn’t work since the day I got my transfer!!!

Some people do get their period before test day but it’s not that common. The progesterone pessaries always keep my bleeding at bay and after a bfn and stopping them, I’ve bled a few days later. The pessaries themselves can cause all sorts of “symptoms” like cramping and bloating, even spotting if they irritate your cervix. I guess what I’m trying to say is, there’s no definitive answer to your question other that a full on, red flow af before your otd. This is such a tough part but you’re doing really well so try to hang in there a bit longer and good luck xx

I don’t think you do truly know until OTD occasionally women do bleed before hand but I don’t think it’s very common. It’s so hard as the pessaries and medication can cause the same symptoms - I’m currently 5dp5dt and driving myself insane to! Wishing you lots of luck x

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Good luck to you..it’s so much harder than I thought, I kind of breezed through the rest of it but now I’m thinking maybe that was a sign too....

Only time will tell I suppose.

I got my period before test days on both my bfn rounds. However it’s not true to talk about when your period is “due” as the drugs have changed your cycle so you can’t rely on your usual cycle lengths etc. My clinic told me that, despite my bleeding, the only way to be sure of a negative was to test on test day.

Hi, I too had my period in my 2ww, I’ve just started my second cycle and they’ve given me progesterone injections rather than the pessaries 🙈

Ah the 2ww is frankly just hideous!! Wishing you lots of luck!! I bled on two of my rounds around day 9 so they tested my progesterone and it just wasn’t very high so they had to up my pessaries, so sometimes bleeding can be as simple as that, so like the other girls say it’s not until OTD that you can be certain!🤦🏼‍♀️good luck! Xx


Thanks girls, I def seem to the more period like pain after about an hour of using the pessaries.

I had my transfer with a 5 day frozen embryo on Thursday and am also driving myself nuts. It is SO hard. No sore breasts here, just slight twinges and extremely bloated. I am just keeping busy, not sure what else to do...

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It’s so hard not to think about it isn’t it?

I’ve been going out for a lot of walks but this wet weather hasn’t helped this weekend so I’m just sitting here googling.... not good!

I'm with you ladies. I'm a couple of days after ET. They placed back 2 nice 5day A grade embies. This rollercoaster seems never end.. I'm looking for every sign I used to feel with my baby#1 bfp. 2ww is the hardest..May god bless us, lovelies x

There's just no way of knowing! As the others have said, some get symptoms, some dont! Ive had symptoms and a cycle with nothing and both were BFN. Ive also bled and not bled and had BFN's too. The 2ww really wrecks the head, its really hard not to analyse every twinge. Wishing you luck for test day!

Thanks for good wishes. Yes is a nightmare. I also had a BFP with last transfer two years ago (my now DD) but can’t remember exactly when or how I felt things. Just had quite painful AF type cramps about an hour ago and convinced myself it was all over. The waiting is just awful. Stay strong ladies, and stay busy.


I’m now getting strange stretching like pains when I get up from sitting. It’s like all my bits get stretched out when i stand up. So strange abit like a stitch.

Feel like my egg is dropping out

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