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ORT Scan

Hi all, quick update, my wife had her ORT done on day 5, everything seems normal and within range. They found 8 eggs with I the ovaries, so hope that will be good enough. We are scheduled for treatment to begin on November, however we are seeing the consultant in August. He will discuss best course of IVF, my little swimmers are all with range a moving "progressively"), morphology is at 1% tho, should I be concerned? I was told I have more than enough fur them to work with. I'm somewhat concerned of the "1%" tho, however I've started taking zinc and vitamin E aswell as all the ferikiry support supplements recommended by my nutritionist fur the past 6 months.

The Consultant during the ORT did say, there is a small trace of what they think might be a "pollock" ( a cist type thing... Apparently very common in women), which they want to check again by doing the dummy transfer ( does that make sense?)!, also they want to investigate more my doing a 3D scan of the womb area. All in. All a positive outlook I think. Anyone had any experience with this?

Yes November seems a long way a way but we've waited this long I guess, we are just both being positive at this stage.

Thanks for taking time to read guys

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I'm afraid I can't offer advice as I haven't been through the exact same thing as you but I just wanted to wish you both luck. You seem to have a very positive attitude and November will be here before you know it. X

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Hi, my husband has poor morphology too, we have our first appointment to start IVF in a few weeks. We will be having ICIS to combat the morphology problem.

The waiting for appointments is so hard, well done for staying positive and good luck.

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Hi, best of luck, hope all goes well.

We will be visiting out consultant again on August so he or she may determine what the best course of action will be. We are assuming it will be ISCI too.


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