Cardio scan @ 15 wks 3 days

Cardio scan @ 15 wks 3 days

Our little muffin had its heart scanned today and was good enough to give us a wave so we could count its fingers - they are all there!

Largely positive in that the consultant fetal cardiologist thinks we can eliminate the most serious heart defect commonly found with Down Syndrome babies; still need to reserve judgement on whether it has a less severe defect, which could still require surgery at less than 3 months old, although these defects often heal themselves pre birth apparently so we are keeping calm for now. So back for another cardio scan in 4 weeks to take another look. We also had a detailed 'top to toe' scan and everything looked normal which is also good news at this stage. Next stop whooping cough jab for me and 20 week scan for baby.

Hope everyone is doing well


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  • That's great news ❀ Great to hear a positive update after initially such terrifying news. Take care of yourself and your bump xoxo

  • What a fantastic picture of your little one giving you a wave! ❀

    So pleased to hear all went well. Continue looking after yourself and thank you for keeping us posted xx

  • Great news and lovely you got a wave πŸ’•β€οΈπŸ’™

  • Wow that is a high five..fabulous. .stay strong xxx

  • What an amazing picture, so glad Everything went ok for you and that you continue to have a nice pregnancy xxx

  • Lovely picture and great news 😊 take care of you and bump x

  • Love this, brilliant! 😍

  • awwwwwwww congratulations & massive high five back to your little muffin πŸ™‹πŸ»

    wishing you a healthy pregnancy

  • What a gorgeous photo of your beautiful baby πŸ’• Im really glad all is progressing well after the initially terrifying news and sending big hugs to you and your baby bump xxx

  • That's wonderful news. xx

  • That's great. Sounds like very positive news at this stage. Wishing you all the best xx

  • Great news for you guys! Pleased to hear things are progressing well!!xx

  • Hi sipidania. Just wanted to make sure you start to talk to your little "Muffin" and play him/her lots of music as she/he will be able to hear you shortly. Good luck with the injection and I will be thinking of you as your 20/40wks scan nears. Diane

  • That's amazing gurl. Baby pics are amazing

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