8 week scan

We had our 8 week scan and all is looking good. Officially the baby is measuring 8 weeks 2 days old and had a strong heart beat at the top end of the range - we saw and heard it again and saw it move as well. The consultant did a really thorough scan and checked my endometrium, the size of the yolk sac, the development of the placenta, blood flow etc and said everything looked perfect and that we could definitely get excited now. There were no signs of the hyperplasia (which any way is treated in first instance with progesterone that I'm already on) so for the moment we are not going to worry about that and will revisit after the pregnancy. So for now it's just hold on and grow grow grow little one! Merry Christmas everyone and love to all - it's a tough time of year for so many - I hope everyone can find some peace and happiness during the holidays and lots of baby dust in 2017! Xxx

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  • Lovely news πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘£πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘£ xx

  • We are feeling very πŸ˜πŸ‘ΆπŸ˜ πŸ˜€

  • its the best feeling ever 😍. I'm now 19 weeks but I'm on bed rest as my cervix has shortened. Take it easy & I wish you all the luck in the world xxx

  • Awesome news congrats. .. will make for a wonderful xmas enjoy xx

  • Truely brilliant news for you! Now try to relax and enjoy the non - alcoholic festivities! Xxx

  • Awe that is wonderful news. Wishing you all the best in 2017.


  • Great news from your update, nice to hear that everything is going well! Merry Christmas to you too!x

  • Way to go. Excellent news. You must have been very emotional re the scan. So pleased for you guys. Enjoy your Christmas. Looking forward to updates in 2017. Have you started telling people yet?


  • Thank you we are quite 😍 About it! We've told our immediate families as they've been with us every step of the way, and I've told a few select girlfriends - again who knew we were on this journey. Waiting for 12 weeks to tell work of course. We may end up telling our closest gang of mates on NYE when we will be 10 weeks. Even with my negative doomsday attitude the stats for live births after seeing a heartbeat at 6 and 8 weeks seem to be quite good so despite my best efforts to convince myself otherwise it's starting to feel like this might actually be happening! X

  • Great news. Congratulations. Have a great Christmas honey 😘

  • That's lovely news Hun, congratulations and merry Christmas xx

  • Lovely news, congratulations x

  • Very exciting wishing you the very best xx

  • Beautiful news to read.... wishing you a very festive Xmas... that's great great news.

  • glad they were able to put your mind at rest and that all is looking promising xxx

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