Chromosome screening of embryos- has anyone tried?

Hi all, after this weeks 5w4d miscarriage and after many chemical pregnancies and early losses, we are considering our options. If we try one more cycle (max) I'm thinking we should try chromosome screening before looking at donor eggs. Has anyone tried this and found benefit? I'm in my forties and seem to get pg fairly easily but cannot hold on despite all the steroids, thinners, intripalids which my consultant thinks points to chromosome abnormalities every time. I make a lot of eggs but quality seems an issue. Please let me know your experiences! Thankyou lovely ladies xxx

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  • Hi there. We had a mmc earlier this year and our clinic are advising extra sperm tests for DH, dna and chromosome if I remember correctly. I have also been put on metformin and inofolic, as I also get lots of folicales but possibly this causes quality issue so thought it was worth trying. Might be worth chatting to your clinic. Granted getting pregnant for us doesn't come easy (unexplained ) but could be worth asking about. X

  • Thankyou lamb, that's really interesting and I get loads of follicles too! πŸ€” Guess it makes sense that might affect quality. Learn so much on here, Thankyou for taking the time to reply. I hope all is well with you xx

  • Something to consider discussing with a dr before your next round, is both of you having karyotype blood tests for chromosome issues.

    We'd heard that for most people after a certain amount of miscarriages, the tissues are tested for chromosome problems, but after our last one when we decided to get tested on NHS for as much as possible, a dr mentioned about testing without any tissue.

    I don't know if it is area/hospital specific, but our hospital found out from St Georges, that if you've had 3 or more and are going through IVF, then they can do the blood tests.

    The local hospital took our blood and sent it to St Georges. I'm not sure if there are different levels for these tests, but ours came back normal. Worth enquiring about X

  • Thank you hollibob, will ask about this at my clinic. Hope all is well with you x

  • Hi, I can't help much with personal experiences, but a friend of my friend has been recommended doing PGS NGS 360 cause of her age (she is 43) and multiple mcs. May be total coincidence but she got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby.

  • Hi nick nick, thank you, how your message gave me hope! What is Pgs Ngs 360 please? X

  • Dhea supplements help egg quality. There is also mitochondria stem cell available now. Good luck

  • Thank you be happy, need to read up on dhea. Hope all is well with you x

  • Hey! I'm sorry for your loss. I am currently 6 weeks after my third IVF attempt and am utterly, from the pit of my stomach, convinced that my scan at the weekend is going to show nothing. This will be my second mc as we had the same in September last year. We are unexplained and after 5 failed IVF attempts (3 full and 2 Fet,neither of which defrosted) I am convinced that there is a quality issue. I also respond very well to stimulation and suffered mild OHSS on my first attempt. I have generally had good fertilisation but they drop off after 3 days. My latest attempt had me on metformin but still got 14 but only 3 fertilised. I am 34 so Drs have never really mentioned egg quality before but I feel that's where we are heading. Having started to look into this issue I am desperate to try what I can to use my eggs if I can and am also considering getting genetic testing done. By the sounds of things it's easier to look at the male dna first. I have also read a few people suggesting that natural or mild IVF can be better for over responders as the quality should be improved, although o believe the success rates aren't great. There is also a book called 'it's starts with the egg' that might offer some advice.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you imd, the book you mention is a good read, I read it last year and it gave me much hope and knowledge. Poor egg quality is being assumed for me despite the high numbers of eggs, I just keep thinking there must be one good one in there! 😩 Good luck with your journey X

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