Embryo glue or endo scrach ?

Hi ladies I had my unsuccessful IVF over year ago . We change a clinic and doctor which this one give us a so much positive hopes but she only recommended to use embryo glue . She told us that she prefers use just that in this cycle and if not gonna work then in another one use both . I believe that this time with little help after over 4 years trying and going through so much will finally work ....but I read few very positive message that endo scrach is really good . What should I do now 😔 Should I ask for that too ?

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  • Hiya. Our clinic routinely uses embryo glue however Ive just had a scratch done privately. Ive read lots of good things results that have come out of some small studies on the internet and they are doing a bigger one now. I also spoke to a Dr (not my clinic Dr so he wasnt getting paid) and he said that he would recommend it after seeing results of research. I just felt that due to us being lucky enough to qualify for NHS treatment that I would throw everything at it and if we are unsuccessful than at least I'd know we had tried everything! Good luck with what you decide!x

  • Thank u for Kwik reply. I just had discussion with hubby about it and he want to ask the doc to use both embryo glue and endo scrach . 😃😃

  • I haven't been through it, but I've heard of more positive results with endo scratch than glue. Although the doc is the expert, you need to do what is right for you. Is there a medical reason why she's reluctant to try this cycle? Diane would probably be the best person to ask on here. Wishing baby dust for you xx

  • Hi Hun yes the doc when through my previous cycle record and my and hubby a lates test being very honest saying that even best quality embryo put in don't give u 100% chances that will work . She done the scan saying how happy she is on my age (35 )seeing I got plenty eggs and my lining is "perfect"...☺️ Adding that she want to use the same dose us before 150 (11 eggs being collect)but using this time goal f ...and add embryo glue only saying this doesn't do any harm to your body and if this cycle don't work we can use endo scrach in next one ...but the way she see she is very positive that will work . I dont know what to do 😔 My hubby say he don't care how much it cost he want me to have this two things done .

  • Hey darling have both I did now have a 2 week old after 15 years of trying

    Do as much as you can that will help your chances also acupuncture can help too

    I did all 3 good luck xx

    Our clinic use the glue as standard practise and scratch is standard too

  • Hi Hun u say that to have done both? Do u remember on what day u need have done endo scrach ? Xx

  • Sorry I meant I had nk cell biospy and endo scratch together these were done a few days after ovulation.. and the embryo I think they store in glue from the start babe after collection x

  • I had the same decision to make and didn't know what to do but in the end went for both as every little thing can help your chances. Not sure what worked but we got our much longed for BFP. Good luck with whatever you decide xx

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