Who had success or not with scratch and embryo glue?

Hi All. I am starting to get pretty anxious about failing on my fet. I appreciate negative thoughts aren't good but I am generally optimistic it's just that the journey is so fraught at times. So this time I am in for a Penny in for a pound... having had my scratch and planning on glue, I hope to give it my best shot. I have read loads about both and I appreciate that there are some positive results. However I keen to find out how many of you ladies had additional treatment and the outcomes. Negative or positive. Xx

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  • hi we had both 'add ons' offered. This was our first and only chance at IVF so wanted to give our best shot so opted for the glue and embryoscope. We will never know if we'd have been successful without one or both but got our BFP and I'm now 7 wks! Good luck with whatever you decide xx

  • That's fabulous news! I feel that I am being proactive by doing additional add on's at least.xx

  • I had both the scratch and the glue but you know my story 😞 I would definitely do both again though xx

  • Thank you for your input hun, it really helps. Thinking about you. xxx

  • I had the scratch last time and my clinic uses glue as standard. Unfortunately we got BFN but in planning to have it for my next cycle. Like you, I just feel in for a penny, in for a pound!! Good luck!xx

  • Funnily enough as I am having my treatment abroad the Glue costs more that my actual FET so definitely in for a penny in for a pound... It goes to show now matter what we do I think Luck seems to be the overriding factor! Lots of luck for your next cycle xxx

  • I had the scratch with my first ever cycle in 2015 and had a successful round we now have a 1 year old son

    We decided to do a frozen cycle with our last embryo oct 16 i had the scratch again but unfortunately it didnt work

    We are now doing a full cycle again and i had the scratch again my consultant told me it can increase pregnancy by 70%

    Good luck xx

  • Its great to hear that you have a 1 year! That's great odds, I am having 2 hatching ones put back in so I am just wanting to maximise everything. Lots of luck with your next cycle, exciting but daunting. xxx

  • I had both the scratch and glue when I had my FET. My clinic didn't offer them as standard so we paid for them as an extra. Not sure if that's what made the difference but thankfully we were successful and have a beautiful baby boy. If we have treatment again I would certainly have both again. Good luck xxx

  • Hi how much extra was the glue and scratch? X

  • The scratch in my experience can be from 220 to 350 although the more expensive ones may include NK cell test. The glue I have seen at a few clinics for 250. Hope that helps xx

  • I'm sorry I can't remember the exact amount but it was around £300. I know prices vary from place to place and everything to do with fertility is expensive. 😞 Xxx

  • Superb news!! Xx

  • I had the scratch and embryoglue both cycles with 2 embryos transferred each time. Both resulted in a positive but last time only 1 implanted and never grew properly. Waiting to see how long this embie (we think it's just one as hormones are higher but not exactly high) sticks this time around. So it doesn't solve everything but I like to think it was worth doing. On a side note, my clinic combines the endoscratch with an NK cell biopsy and this time revealed my NK cell count was super elevated in my uterus so I'm on steroids. I know Prof Quenby has an NHS clinic that does this in Coventry if you're interested in researching it.

  • Thank you so much for your reply. The clinic I was at did combine it for 350 but I opted for just the scratch. However I am quite close to Coventry so I may look in to. Lots and lots of luck with this time round.

  • And you!

  • After 3 failed fresh cycles my wife had the scratch (for the first time) just before our 1 and only Frozen Embryo was put back in. As this was our only FET and he was the only embryo that ever got to the frozen stage I can't say the scratch was the reason that we now have a healthy 4 month old. But it sure as hell didn't hurt. :-). Good Luck x

  • Wow, that was a great out come to say the least! Thank you so much, I am genuinely feeling a little less stressed. xx

  • You are welcome. Hope it goes well for you x

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