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Embryo glue & endo scrap

Hi everyone,

Since my BFN in march ive been researchin what to do nxt..ive come across a few differnt things id like advise on if anyone has gone through these or got any advise that would help me 2 see if these are good 4 me or not..pls of any 1 has had the embryo glue amd have had a BFP or have even just had it pls advise me wht they do and wht to expect and also the endo scrap has anyone had it and not got there BFP pls help me  pls 

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I've been looking into this we have test day tomorrow but know what result will be and we know will be a BFN. Due to heavy bleed and clotting since Thursday. So this will be an interesting post to follow!! Hope you get the answers you need!! Have you had review appointment with your clinic regarding failed cycle??xx


Oooh sorry about ur heavey bleeding babez..its so hard gettin this far to start bleedin after waiting 2 wks..baby dust 4 ur nxt cycle & my follow up is on 11 of may tho i have spoke 2 my specialist already who says these are good options to consider for my nxt cycle..keep me posted on how everythin goes 4 u xxx


My clinic use the glue as standard practice, we got a bfn but heard good things about the scratch X 


Were are u from as am from newcastle and they didnt use it my first cycle..is urs self funded or nhs hun?? Xx

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Mine is NHS based in Manchester area x


I'm not even from the UK and have to pay for IVF ourselves (€250000).  I feel pregnant after my first transfer 3 1/2 years ago & have a healthy son. Returned to IVF 2 years ago & for some unknown reason, had 9 failed transfers of good blastocyst embryos. Finally had the scratching done, had 2 embryos transferred (4bb & 4bc, so quite average quality) & am now pregnant. Wishing we paid the scratching, which wasn't too expensive, earlier


Ooooh congrata on ur BFP so happy for u..i will defo be requesting the scratch thnk u 4 ur reply xx  


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