Urgent cetrocide question

hi ladies, desperate for any help anyone might be able to give me as my clinic is closed for the weekend.

I'm doing FET cycle - had a scan today to confirm the lining of my womb was thick enough to go ahead with the tranfer next week - which it is thankfully. Transfer is booked in for Wednesday. I think the nurse said to take my last cetrocide injection tonight, but I can't quite remember as my mind was racing and I was back at work at that point! Isn't that very earlier to stop taking it?! I'm so worried I going to do something wrong to mess it up. Can anyone help me please? Thank you in advance.

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  • I can't help as never done a frozen cycle. But do your clinic have an emergency out of hours numbers or ask Diane Arnold the nurse on here. Hope this helps X

  • Phone the emergency doctor on call xx

  • Hi. Your clinic must have provided with an out of hours/ emergency phone number. If you can't find the number, ring 111. They will put you through to a chemist who will be able to help. Hope this helps and good luck

  • See if you can directly message diane on here. Or which clinic are you at bc others on here might be at the same one and know the emergency number? Sending love xxx

  • I meant diane Arnold as above xxx

  • Hi blondietrying. Only just read your post, and hope all has been sorted out for you. With your womb lining being the right thickness, you would have been OK to have your last Cetrotide. Hope all goes well on Wednesday with your embryo transfer. Thinking of you. Diane

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