First bump in the road (no pun intended)

Hi lovely ladies

I started my down-regging on Sunday and have been focusing on eating well, no caffeine or alcohol and trying to keep stress down but just found out today there's some issue in the paperwork that's now going to delay the rest of the treatment. I know it'll go ahead once it's sorted and in the grand scheme of all the serious things that really do go wrong in this process this is minor but I can't help feeling quite emotional and disappointed with this bump in the road. I really fancy a big piece of cake and a glass of wine! X

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  • Aww cheshirekit! How longs your delay? Hope it only a blip of a delay. If I was you i'd have scoffed 2 pieces of cake by now! Hoping its all sorted soon and then you can get back on track xx

  • Thanks baby2016 Dont know yet, hopefully just a few days πŸ™πŸ». I'm feeling a lot calmer about it now so fingers crossed I'll find out more on mon/tues. How r u getting on with ur down-regging drugs? I've been having a few weird side effects xx

  • Hopefully only a couple of days delay for you. I've not felt too bad, the odd twinge and a few nightmares but not sure if thats because i'm just getting a little nervous about it all! What type of symptoms have you had? Xx

  • I've been having the strangest dreams although that could be because the cats are keeping me awake! Also my tummys a bit bloated and windy! 😳 Xx

  • Hope you feeling a bit better now. I've dreamt every night and like you they have been so wierd! What hormones and tablets do hey! xx

  • The treatment process is frustrating and there are often delays and lots of waiting. I hope it all gets sorted out quickly and you can continue the treatment.

    Perhaps a small piece of cake?

  • Thanks @pm27. I feel daft for getting emotional about such a small blip when there are many more highs and lows to come. I need to toughen up and get used to the process. Managed not to turn to the vino tonight, don't want to undo all the good work so far πŸ˜‰ X

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