Gutted! Second bump in the road... Treatment postponed

Hi lovely ladies Just been for baseline scan & to learn how to do stims injections (which made me come over all queer!). I mentioned I've had a sore throat and been headachey and spacey the last few days so they've said I need to stop my treatment & postpone til my GP says all ok. I'm gutted as I was all set mentally to get on with it today. I know in the grand scheme of things a few weeks delay is nothing and its best to be in tip top health, but I'm so disappointed, I was all mentally prepared for this month πŸ˜₯πŸ™πŸ» Xx

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  • Oh no poor you! It is for the best and at least they've stopped before EC so it doesn't count as one of your goes. Keep your chin up lovely xxx

  • Thanks Kat9lives 😘 Unfortunately we're not eligible for treatment on the NHS so having to self fund. I know it's for the best in the long run, just need to get myself better so I'm ready and raring to go next month πŸ‘πŸΌ. The kittens have just curled up on me - I think they know 🐱😍 xxx

  • Awww bless them. Atleast you aren't wasting a cycle (paid for by the NHS or by you)... although I know it doesn't seem that positive at the mo, it's for the best that they have you at your best before starting. Have you spoken to your GP? What meds are you/were you on until now? I've been on metformin and have been feeling spaced and dizzy for a week or so..was told to lower my dose and up my water (even though I drink 3L a day!) Not sure if that helps? Xxx

  • I was just taking the down-regging drugs til last Wednesday & had been fine on them (apart from weird dreams!). Just felt poorly since Friday so I think it's probably just a bug. I'm not often ill so it's a bit of a bugger after all the healthy eating, water drinking, no caffeine & no alcohol. Now on a mission to get 100% well for next month, off to the GPs on Tuesday xxx

  • Hi CheshireKit. So sorry to hear about the cancellation and delay. However, you are the most important person and you need to be well before proceeding. Probably just one of these nasty viruses we tend to get, but they do make you feel low, so time to re-charge your batteries and then off you go! Lovely to hear you have kittens. I have a rescue black cat "Lucky" who is curled up in an old cardboard box beside me! She does have 2 lovely beds, but when I'm working, she prefers the box!! Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane. I've seen my GP today and he thinks it's just been a virus which is now on its way thankfully. It's just so frustrating to have another delay. I'm taking extra care of myself now to get me fighting fit again! Hugs to Lucky cat xx

  • Aw, i've hust personal messaged you before reading this post. Hope your not feeling too down. Its best to be feeling completely right before you start everything. A few weeks will soon fly by. Big hugs xx

  • Thanks @baby2016 😘 Hope you get on ok with ur injections xx

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