Anyone else in the TWW?

Hi had 2 5 day embryos transferred last Saturday . Unfortunately, none made it to freeze . I have had no symptoms really . Cramping / few twinges the first few days , came down with a cold on Wednesday , banging head yesterday but I assume most is down to the pessaries . Anyone else in the same boat ? Been up and down all week feeling it hasn't worked . Cannot test until Thursday of next week . Really not sure I can face it x

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  • I know how you feel! Had our transfer on Monday - also 2 day 5 blasts. Have been quite crampy day 2 and less so on 3 and 4, watery CM (tmi) and sore boobs. Crampiness seems to be getting less as the days go on. But all of that can be down to the meds - an on oestrogen patches, cyclogest and crinone. I wish I could see what was going on. Am not going to test til next Friday. Want to hold out because I'm too scared to test sooner. Wishing you lots of luck xxx

  • It's horrendous isn't it ! You read into every single little thing that happens . I've absolutely convinced myself it's not worked and I'm looking up how long you have to wait for the next cycle . I had 16 eggs collected . 8 fertilised and by day 3 , 6 were looking good . In day five they rang and said only one has made it to blast . I was really shocked ( this is my first go ) just assumed more would make it . When I got to have it implanted they said there was another one that was more or less ready so they put both back . I was really gutted there wasn't any to freeze as I know this is now a full cycle . Just keep praying that it may have worked . This wait cannot be put into words how stressful it actually is . I've been off work as well . Have you ? I go back Monday hoping it will take my mind off things . I'm dreading test day even though I want to know it has worked . Good luck to you . Let me know how you get on or if you need a chat xxxx

  • It really is! Yep every little thing. And as someone else said if you read something you don't like you read something else instead until you find what you do. I don't think any set of symptoms can really indicate one way or the other. We'll just have to wait and see and try not to go too nuts in the meantime.

    We used donor eggs and were very lucky to get good numbers including Frosties. I do feel very lucky for that. This is our second go. First time we transferred one and it didn't work. This time we were going to go for one again abut they defrosted 2 and we thought ok we may as well put both in. I was worried about refreezing. Hoping that will make all the difference this time.

    I took two weeks off last time and had too much time on my hands. This time I took just the day after off and worked 2.5 days this week. Next week I'm back to normal 3.5 days work. My job is not too heavy going so it's quite a good distraction.

    Less than a week to go now. Wishing you so much luck with your two. Hope we both get our bfps. Keep me updated and happy to chat too. Have a lovely day I'd thats possible during this time! Xx

  • Thanks for the support and I hope we can keep sane until our test days . I felt so positive when they were transferred and the more time goes on the less positive I feel . I think next time I wouldn't take the week off as I think it has made me worse . I'm a teacher and it's quite stressful especially at this time of year so I thought it best and the school did too ( they have been so supportive ) . Fingers crossed . Keep me posted and try and stay positive . Unfortunately nothing I seem to do can fully distract me ! Not even eating x xx

  • I think it's a good idea to take a few days or a week oif your job is stressful so sounds like you've taken a good approach. But will be good to have the distraction (as much as that works) next week.

    I feel exactly the same. I was getting quite a lot of 'symptoms' i.e. Cramping early on but it's reduced right down now. Hopefully that's a good sign because implantation should have happened by now. Xx πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€ž

  • Hi both

    I am also in my 2ww and I feel as though I am going crazy! I’m 27 my DH and I are on our 2nd cycle of ICSI and had 2x 5d blastocysts transferred on Tuesday.

    I have had sore breasts since Wednesday and the odd twinges here’s and there but I think that’s due to the pessaries, other than that I haven’t had any symptoms and can already feel myself mentally preparing for a negative test :(.

    I have my fingers crossed for us all!!!


  • Sounds like you have some good signs . My boobs were sore before the transfer so I can't even hold that to being a symptom . You are only young so plenty of hope for you xxx can I ask how you dealt with the first time being negative ? I'm worried I won't cope . Fingers crossed . I'll be praying for us all xxx

  • Hi, thank you I hope your right! I had some brown discharge three days before I was due to do my home test, I knew it was too late for implantation... my period arrived a day before my BFN! I was in a fortunate position of planning a wedding so I had that as a huge distraction, this time I will be absolutely distraught!

    I have everything crossed for ya all xx

  • I had a negative and it was heart breaking but it gets easier. I found it helped to have a plan for trying again but everyone's different. If it doesn't work this time I'm going to take some time out and live a normal life for a while. Not sure I can keep going through it.

    But let's try to stay positive for now xxx

  • I've had similar but I think just the pessaries too. Who knows? Let's hope they're good signs. I tio have my fingers crossed for us all. Trying to stay positive xx

  • I hope we are having positive symptoms. I’m worried I’ve felt mild cramping because I wanted to feel it. I so wish I could see what was going on in there! Will you let me know how you get on please? X

  • My test day is next Friday but I don't think I'm even going to make it until then. Just had small brown discharge at exactly the same time as my failed cycle last time. It just feels like AF is on its way. So gutted. I've had no real symptoms all along but feel a little more prepared for the failure than I did on my first cycle. I was an emotional wreck last time, this time I'm just so disappointed and sad.

    I know there'll be words of encouragement that it's not over yet but it's all too similar to what happened last time so am expecting the bfn, it's easier than trying to get my hopes up again :(

  • Hey the brown discharge could be a positive sign of implantation. I've had nothing like that . I think I might try and hold out till the fri or sat as I can't test and go in work if it's negative as I'll be in bits . Easier said than done . Lots of luck for you and getting through this week xxx

  • Thank you. I was hopeful that that was what it was last time but it continued til test day which was negative and then AF made itself known! Fingers crossed for you 🀞🀞

  • Hi awwww so awful . Were you on the pessaries as well ? Same to you too πŸ€žπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» And prayers xx

  • Yes, still on the pessaries. Thanks for the prayers, I'll be holding out for a miracle! πŸ˜‡

  • Got my fingers crossed for you xxx

  • Hi everyone . Good luck to you all . Can I just ask do the pessaries stop your period or if your period is coming will it just happen ? Potentially even before the test date ? Xxx

  • Good luck 🀞 I am on day 5 today been having mild cramps, bloated, sore., boobs, and a constant urge to pee all the time it feels like pressure on bladder, keeping everything crossed that these are good signs, I get so teary at the thought of a negative result, bk to work on Monday so hoping that help to occupy my mind. Good luck to you all xxπŸŒˆβ€οΈπŸ€žπŸ‘£πŸŽ‰

  • Sounds like brilliant signs !!! I'm the same . If I let the doubts creep in I just cry 😭. Good luck and stay positive you have some great signs xxxxx

  • Hope so, think there are loads of us all testing around the same time xxπŸ€žβ€οΈπŸŽ‰πŸ‘£

  • Good luck xxx

  • I also think this sounds very positive! Wishing you all the luck sunshine!! X

  • Wishing you the very best of luck for rest of your 2ww!! I definitely found the 2ww the toughest part, I'd totally underestimated it!!

    think all ladies are diff re: pessaries - i was on them but unfortunately my AF still made an appearance b4 OTD, for others it seems to hold it off!! Don't be thinking about that yet tho, try and keep thinking positive!! 🀞🏻 xx

  • Thank you Xxx

  • I'm currently in the TWW had my transfer on Monday this is the absolute worst part :-( I've had stomach cramps since Sunday and ended up having to see the doctor at the clinic yesterday and now on antibiotics - don't know what to think or feel this is horrible! X

  • Oh dear! We had ours Monday too and I've been crampy but not really today at all. Hope you're ok. Wishing you luck xxx

  • I was just about to write the same thing! I had 1 5 day blasto transferred last Saturday too, OTD Monday and I'm dreading it! Trying to think of excuses not to go. Woke up at about 5-5.30am today feeling really hot and sweaty has happened the last 2 nights and then I thought I could feel PMT signs - slightly achey/tender abdomen but it's not bloated at all and have had no symptoms for most of this week. I feel very teary and just have a gut feeling AF is on its way and that this hasn't worked.. again. Cried on my husband this morning as feel so low and upset but I had to go to work this morning and guess what I do!? Teach antenatal classes to pregnant couples!! Luckily it was a 1:1 in a house and I was able to pull myself together and be the smiley professional (as always..!) I feel like ringing the clinic and telling them to cancel the blood test on Monday as I could tell them now what the outcome is going to be 😞 (however no spotting or actual sign of AF but sure it's coming). I'd love to think I've got it wrong... x

  • Hang in there Hun - you really don't know until you test - wishing you lots of luck xx

  • Awww you really don't know yet . Try and stay positive ( I can't even take my own advice!) . I don't know how you do the anti natal classes it must really break your heart so it just shows how strong you are . I don't get a blood test I just get a test to take home and do 12 days later . You will get through this and you just don't know what the outcome is yet xxxx

  • Stay positive ladies, it's a tough few weeks, but we are all in it together, I am now thinking god what if it's an infection, ur mind sure does play tricks on you, then a looked out window and saw a big rainbow 🌈 I love rainbows 🌈 πŸ€žπŸ‘£πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  • I kept on seeing them last week ! I was hoping i was a sign 🌈🌈🌈anything to keep us positive x x x

  • It is understandable to feel like that. Every women and human on your position would feel like that. I would say what my tumblr always says... It's one of those edgy quotes, but I really like it. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I really hope everything will turn out fine for you. I really hope that stuff will be just as you want the to be. However there is a chance that the oppssite will happen. If you feed yourself all these fake hopes it's gonna be harder for you to deal with it. I am sorry if I am sounding harsh or anything, honestly I just want to help. I know because I have been in your shoes. It's gonna be a much, much harder to deal with it like this, maybe you wont be able to get yourself back from that. So start trying to think less about it. Think of it as whatever happens, happens. This won't and can't stop you from trying, again and again! No matter how many times it take for you to succeed. Wish you happiness my love.

  • I had 3 grade A blastocysts transferred on 27th so technically it's my 4th day today... I've had loads of cramps, numbness in my lower back and that's about it....

    The 2ww is really a killer, no matter what I try to do I find myself googling symptoms or reading other ladies experiences.

    We will make it through this together ladies, we will. X

  • Yeah we sure will xx is it your first go at icsi ? Xx

  • Yes first IVF.

  • Thinking of you all ladies ,wishing u all lots of luck πŸ€πŸ€ The 2ww is just the worst time ☹️the first time round to keep me busy I arranged about 4 different cinema trips with different friends and hubby , it's a good idea to keep ur mind off for a while (even if just a few hours) but it's sitting down relax plus big bag choc or sweets πŸ¬πŸ«πŸ˜‹ I Start my 2nd round on Monday , (I'm already looking up what films are out next month lol ) xxx

  • Oh good luck for Monday . How did you get over the first attempt being unsuccessful. I’m already feeling it’s not worked but feel like I don’t know how I’ll handle it xxx

  • Everything you are saying is how I felt , I think I tested (stupidly) from 5 days after until my period started , it actually happened when I was out with friends , I didn't say anything but had an hours drive home on my own and cried the whole way home!! I really feel a good cry helps me, then I had a couple of days just in front of tv , then back to work just focused on the next round! We left it 2 months but I think they would of done it after 1 month, I just wanted some time to be me again , the y also mentioned the Uterus Scratch (we are not doing this time ) but we have said if we need to get to round 3 we will do that with 2 back again , I think we are stronger than we know and as hard as it is take it one day at a time , keep busy (I've actually started getting so xmas bits) keep busy an the days go quicker πŸ’

  • Oh thanks for the reply . I think once I am feeling more positive I will have to think about the gap I will take . At the moment I just want to start it all again despite feeling at rock bottom. How many times have you been though it ? Did you get any Frosties ? Did the clinic advice two months or was that for your own self ? I wondered about the uterus scratch . I think if they offer it I would try it this time . Is there anything negative about having it done ? Sorry for all the questions ! I think once I get to proper test day and it’s negative then I can just start planning for it all again . When do you start again ? Good luck and thanks for the kind words. Xxxx

  • We were very lucky we got 9 good Frosties , so that's why we are putting 2 back this round (round 2) but with NHS u have to use the Frosties on the 2nd round but we can do fresh again if we need a round 3 , we both agreed if we needed round 3 we would do the Scarth and (if we get 2 good ones) put 2 back again , the scratch is Β£300 at our clinic I think it changes at each clinic , I wanted to pay an have it now but after speak to the nurse , 2 good embroys going back this time is a really good chance , I start again tomorrow , I'm unsure until I go what happens , I know I'm having an injection in the butt to stop normal cycle , and then start the peseries , I will b keeping everything crossed for some good news for u xxx

  • Good morning, I'm also in my 2ww with a 5 day embryo - day 4 today. It has to be one the hardest things I've ever done - it completely messes with your head! One minute I'm really hopeful it's worked and can almost imagine it, the next minute I want to cry as I'm convinced it hasn't worked! My husband doesn't know what to think lol I'm really trying not to keep googling things, but it's hard. I've had some twinges and feel bloated, but that's it really. I had sore boobs before the transfer, so I'm blaming the pesseries for that. My blasto was a 3/4cc as well, so thats nagging at me. I've taken screenshots of all the positive stories I've read where women have got pregnant with 3cc or less and keep reading them to help calm down!! Wishing you all the best and keeping everything crossed for you xxx

  • It is just horrendous. I have constantly googled things all week . My phone battery has died quite early on in the day ! I was unsure if to post in a forum but I’m glad i did now as I realise how many other people are going through the same thing . I’m up and down . Last few days have been the hardest . I’m thoroughly convinced it’s now worked . I woke up with period pains I’m now 8 days post transfer . I hope you are feeling positive . Good luck with it all xxxx

  • Hi ladies I caved in this morning and did a test . It was a highly sensitive one ( Superdrug own brand ) picks up hcg at 10ml . It was a BFN and I’m not 8 days post egg transfer . I am convinced now it hasn’t worked . Woke up also very period painy . So I am assuming it is on its way . Anyone of you ladies on your second cycle ? How long did you have to wait in between cycles ? Thanks everyone . Not a good idea to test being honest so try and hold out xxxx

  • I hope this will change for you xxxx

  • Thank you xx good luck on your journey too xxx

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