Hi looking for Glasgow Royal girls??pessaries?

Hi I recently finished my first cycle with Glasgow Royal but I have a question but it seems all clinics are different so that's why looking for ladies that attended there,it's regarding the pessaries your given after egg collection,o was given enough to do me till test date,and finished my last ones yesterday ,but on these different Ivf groups and getting mixed answers,that some clinics have you keep taking the pessaries up until scans and beyond?so obv now very nervous and can't get through to hospital to ask ,is it in right the Royal get you only to take them till test date and then stop wither it's positive or negative?please reassure me xx

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  • I'm not Royal girl, but my NHS IVF clinic in London stopped pessaries after test date as well. I double checked this as I was concerned and was assured that that is what my  clinic advises. Yet a neighbouring NHS IVF clinic gives pessaries until 8-12 weeks. My research found a complete mix with some giving and others not. I considered pros and cons and decided, based on my having endo and previous miscarriage, that I wanted to carry on taking them. It took me another two phonecalls to the senior nurse until she relented and gave me a private prescription that I obviously have to pay for. She wasn't rude but did keep repeating to me that it wasn't necessary. 

    I'm no expert at all and can only say to do what you feel happiest with... And don't give up, if you do choose to request more from nurses... As I said I made 5 calls in total to get my way :-) I'm only 5w6d but keeping fingers crossed. Best of luck. 

  • Thank you I got my bfp yesterday and am a nervous wreak my last pessarie was yesterday and I went to toilet and have brown discharge is this normal ?xx

  • I think going through IVF and infertility stuff makes us all so hyper panicky about every little thing that happens to our bodies. Your worries are absolutely normal so just remember you are not alone in these thoughts. I think (no expert warning) that brown discharge is old blood and isn't anything to worry about. 

    I don't know your timings but I know I had a tiny bit of discharge and extra stretching type pains when it was the time that I would have been due my period so don't be surprised if you have the same. 

    A week later I had like a yellowy discharge so be prepared for a rainbow of colours ;-) 

  • Well my last period was 7th April then obv going through Ivf so was test day yesterday at 10dp5dt and last day of the pessaries,then when I went to toilet today about 11.30 I had brown discharge ,thanks for putting mind at ease though and congratulations xx

  • I only had pessaries until test date as well at the Glasgow Royal, and when I asked them whether I should continue taking them after my BFP they assured me that my body would take over from there, so I'm not really worried. 

  • I had to keep using my oestrogen patches and the pessaries until I was 12 weeks as they told me that's when the placenta would take over. I didn't have treatment at Glasgow Royal I had private treatment at GCRM in Glasgow. Different clinics do different things x x

  • Honestly u need to keep taking it until week 12 when d body take over u should call d hospital and explain ur situation and ask for pessaries even if that means having it on private prescription

  • I'm not from where you are but they gave me enough until and week after my test date and now I need to carry on taking them until 12 weeks x

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