12dp3dt can I hope?

12dp3dt can I hope?


I'm still in the lovely 2ww. Test day not till day 18, the 15th march, I'll be in the Looney bin by then anyway ;)

Last cycle failed day 29 of the cycle and 12dp3dt. It was a fresh one with the super ohss added in for extra effect ;)

Today, im day 33, 12dp3dt. Just put in morning pessaries, great time to do knicker watch and....... Nothing :)

I told hubby out first barrier was Sunday, day 29, then that 12dp3dt

I'm not testing till Sunday which will be 16 days and day 36.If af hasn't come that is! Then we are perhaps a little prepared for the beta and any questions.

I do worry that af hasn't come due to the pessaries 3 times a day, which have given me cramps for over 2 weeks now even though it's a FET so no ec since Nov :)

Any positive stories would be great now!

Symptoms, on and off cramps but nothing major, feeling damp, down there ;) boobs OK, massive anyway, just super tired. But looking in Google makes the symptom watch a madness anyway ;)

Any gems and wisdom appreciated :)

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  • I don't have any positive stories for you yet but it sounds like your staying positive and keeping strong so that's great. All going well so far for you. Everything is crossed. Xx

  • Thanks helto xx :) how are you getting on?

  • Good thanks for asking. Got my scan tomorrow to determine womb lining thickness and will probably start medication so hopefully will feel more like I'm getting somewhere. X

  • Yay how exciting, let the games begin :) I'll be thinking about you. Sending a prayer up too :)

  • Crossed fingersxx

  • Thank you, I'm cruising everything I can cross. My best mate is Austrian and says she is knotting her fingers ;)

    Got to love language.

    How s things with you Tam Tam

  • Lol... It all sounds positive.

    As for me we are 2 weeks away from flying out to Greece for our DE treatment I lost all faith in mine so here's praying that we get out positive don't even care if it's twins and onto a healthy pregnancy 🙏🏽

    Thanks for asking 😘

  • 13dp3dt, touch wood no sign of af.... Dare I hope a little ;)

  • Keep going, you're doing so well not testing! Cant believe that your hospital are making you wait so long to test! Try and keep yourself busy over the next few days x

  • Hey lynn

    I am hanging on as I guess from other people they have had bfp and bfn then it's changed, then the beta had said something different.

    I was planning to test on Monday but now won't ;) I'm going to write out my list of questions for both possibilities whilst I'm still waiting to have it ready to ask on Tuesday.

    I think the hospital test late to ensure an accurate beta.

    Going mad but feeling OK

    Every day af isn't here is a bonus and blessing.

    How's things with you? :)

  • I'm doing well thanks. Currently 31 weeks and finally starting to allow myself to believe that all is going to continue to progress well. I guess I won't really believe it until he's actually here and in my arms! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for next week x

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