Down Reg - AF normally clockwork, but now this normal?

Hi all

mrs worry-face again! I got my Prostap injection 10 days ago, and was due my bleed yesterday.  Ive been neither here nor there, no cramps - but i could eat and eat and eat! (standard AF behaviour).  

I am due to go for my scan on Monday (5 days), if i havent bled by then what happens? treatment delayed? more medication?

aargh - every month like clockwork  CD29 AF arrives.  Now that I want it, its no where to be seen! :(

Can anyone offer some insight?   (I am on protocol 7)

thanks xx

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  • Hi there - I was exactly the same last week - ended up being one week late which was thankfully just in time! Apparently it is very common and I know saying try not to worry won't really help but try to relax as much as you can, it will turn up when you least expect it! x

  • Hi MommaBear, Thank you for your message. Its great to know that im not alone - been trying to google it, but not had much luck (google is sometimes more hinderance than help!)

    fingers crossed its all goona be fine.

    Good luck! xx

  • You're definitely not alone, especially with the appetite, all I wanted to do was eat the whole time I was down regging... that's only eased the last couple of days... oh the joys! I was really worried about it too so I completely understand but I had until the 10th for AF to show and it arrived on the 9th... I think my body thinks it's funny haha Good luck to you too! x x x

  • I'll try and relax then...hopefully let nature take its time (as long as im ok by Sunday!) xxx

  • Hi snowwhite2705. Unfortunately Prostap can delay things a little, but hopefully you will bleed in time. Hope all goes well for you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane. It feels VERY close today - so hopefully it will make an appearance soon

    (can't believe i am willing and hoping for my period to arrive...first time in 2.5 years!)

  • Hi, snowwhite! I'm sorry you're confused a bit. But I guess you still have plenty of time up to Monday. What if this is some kind of a new reaction of your body to meds? And this time your AF is gradually arriving even though being 1-2 days late.  Maybe your normal behavior has changed a bit after meds invasion. We really don't know all the surprises our body is able to make to us. (Hope nice surprises ;) ) I think this is too early to think what happens if your AF doesn't arrive. Suppose you should think of the brighter side. Moreover if you're clockwise this time must be not the exception.

    I hug you strongly, dear, and hope this nightmare won't bother you any longer. X

  • Hi, im in the exact same position as you! I phoned the clinic as i thought that i might need to make an appt to start the 2nd injections and the nurse asked if id bled yet to which I said no and then i asked, what happens if I dont bleed? And she said well we'll need to do a pg test!! So have got to wait! I tried googling too to see if anyone had gotten pg naturally after starting injections and only found one comment from someone who said that this had had happened to them! Crazy!! ive never wanted the af to turn up more than ever to be able to crack on with the treatment, but theres that element of 'what if?!?!' :( keep us posted and good luck! Xx

  • ooh im sorry 1Boo, mine came (eventually) yesterday! My appointment for the scan (and to start my injections) is today - so it was definitely to the wire! It was 5 days late - which is unheard of for me! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! good luck!! xx

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