Polyps in womb

Hi everyone...

Wondering if anyone can help me.

I have my first consultation with my ivf consultant next Wednesday. I was referred for an ultrasound before my consultation which I had done today. The nurse wanted to do an internal exam and she found a small polyp on the lining of the womb. Has anyone had this before and will it affect my appointment in the ivf clinic next week?

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  • I had one found during a hysteroscopy and it was removed under general x I can't see it affecting your app but I'm sure they will talk you through it hun xx good luck

  • Thank you ☺ I was hoping it wouldn't need removing. Xx

  • Agree with dreams1982 I had a supposed one found during a hyteroscopy and it's unlikely your Ivf will move forward until that is removed as the will want to reduce as many chances of failure for you so it's a good thing. Easy op I had endometrial scrape at the same time.

  • I have one too however it didn't need to be removed and I am now pregnant. It really depends exactly where it is.

    Good luck x

  • Was yours on the lining of the womb hun? X

  • Hi KAM

    I actually checked back the scan results and it's actually in the endometrial cavity - not quite the womb. It's 4cms which sounds large to me but apparently that is okay but again it's where it is that has made it okay in terms of conception. I think I got confused as there was a concern about one in the womb too - I had an extra couple of scans to check that out which weren't actually conclusive as they weren't done at exactly the right time of the month to give the clearest view - I went ahead with IVF anyway and it must be okay as I'm now pregnant.

    When is your IVF appointment? :-)

  • That's amazing news for you ☺ thank you for going out of your way to check. I really appreciate it 😊 I've got my first ivf consultation tomorrow afternoon so I will know so much more then. Thank you all for your replies xxx

  • Thanks :-) Hope all went well with your first appointment x

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