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ER on Wednesday, only 5 follicles 😔

Hi everyone

So had my second scan today since starting stimulation injections and only have 5 good sized follicles plus a few smaller ones on my right ovary and only very tiny ones on my left ovary. I'm assuming my endometriosis has damaged my left ovary. Feeling so disappointed, I know they say quality over quantity but when I've read of girls getting 20 odd follicles then by transfer stage there's only one or two left it's really terrifying me that I'll have 0 quantity left to go back in 😔 My lead follicle is 22mm, hope it doesn't get too big then I only have 4 left!

Was hoping to be feeling all positive and prepared but I'm quite the opposite. It really is so unfair that we all have to go through this fertility lottery 😢

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Hi debs, it's natural to stress, this whole situation is a horrendous experience. But, try not to be disheartened. 5 seems pretty good to me. I'm sure there are umpteen success stories with people having the same or less. And, as you say, quantity doesn't always mean quality. Try to do something to help yourself relax and take your mind off things.

Good luck with your egg retrieval! x


Thanks Hopeful, I have the day off work tomo so hoping I'll have some time to relax and get my head sorted before egg day xx

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I have stage 4 endo. I had only 3 follies on first scan I think, with some tiny ones, but they grew to 9 follicles by egg collection day. They were all massively different sizes at the second scan, and only about 4 looked okay.

Like you, my left ovary was so damaged from the endo I got none (well one collapsed odd looking follicle) so all my eggs came from the right ovary.

I then got 8 eggs, 6 of which fertilised, and 5 went to day 5 blastocyst and I am now 15 weeks pregnant today.

So - I hope this gives you hope. I am also v v low AMH / egg reserve, 2 long endo surgeries, was due a third, still had endometrioma on my ovaries when having IVF.

Oh and i have adenomyosis and am nearly 40, suffer alot of pain with endo - but it worked.

I also ended up with about 4 large lead follicles. I was utterly convinced they were just new endo cysts, but they weren't - they can tell the difference. And had tiny follicles too, but somehow thew grew over 3 days prior to egg collection! I was VERY shocked and surprised - did not think i would get any eggs.

So, I have every hope for you - you sound in a very very similar boat to what I was in 3 months ago.

It really TRULY is, quality over quantity. xxxx


Hello Yellow Rose! I remember your story from my first post about Endo & IVF which is why I chose to follow you, can't believe how similar our situations are! Your message has definitely made me feel a bit more positive, thanks so much xx

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Really thinking positive for you. Keep me updated xx


Hi ladies, just wanted to let you know I got 8 eggs and 5 fertilised overnight. X


excellent news I was going to add your post. Good lunch with the transfer etc


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