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Received Gynae's letter to GP 😃

Hi ladies how is everyone here doing? Enjoying the long weekend I hope.

Thank you all for your support last weekend. You rallied me when my friends and family won't able. No disrespect intended to my friends and family who love me.

As my title implies I received a copy of the letter sent to my GP. The DRS receptionists refused me a copy why are these receptionists always so unkind and unhelpful! Anyway the consultant has been true to his word and has recommended me a referral to an NHS fertility clinic( where he works) I feel bad now for ever doubting him! I'm seeing my GP this Thursday to discuss this further. My mestrual issues are included in gynaes letter :irregular cycles and intermestrual bleeding between ovulation and next cycle. Fingers crossed if not we'll go private. 

Good luck to all those trying or having treatment, I wish you all beautiful babies at the end of it. Our future children are worth all this fighting 😍 x

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Yuuyaaaauyyuu finally.... Hope that gives you a little reprieve and something to get your teeth into xx


Thank you tamtam congrats on your recent scan really happy for you. All the best with the best of your pregnancy. Enjoy it 😍


Another step closer, at last!

Hope your appointment with the GP goes well.


Thank you pm27 little steps closer such a journey. Hope that you are ok 💗


Good to hear things are moving forward again Jess! Good luck x 


Thank you hopeful1982 feels great to be able to move on. 

How are things with you? 😊 


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