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appointment done

Hi, so we went to the hospital and saw nurse who said that basically my hysteroscopy result came back ok but they hadn't got the biopsies result back but that she thought would all be fine.  She basically said I need to wait to come on and said I had to call on day 1 of full bleed. And that if I happen to have full bleed on the bank holiday then I would have to cancel cycle.

I explained I had not had a proper period since 22nd Feb and asked if she could give me something to help bring on period she said no and that if I still havnt come on in 3 weeks to call her. 

She also said that when I call on day 1 of proper bleed - if it is a Friday I must leave a message saying that I must be scanned today ! And that if I havnt heard back within an hr too ring back and leave another message saying " I must have scan today " she said that if I don't chase them , then they may not pick up the message until 3pm and then I won't be able to be scanned, and again my cycle will be cancelled. 

Honestly the whole process has been a farsicle , me and my boyfriend were trying to ask questions and she treated us like naughty children . 

So I am desperately hoping this flipping period would come! I'm trying to book Accupuncture too again to see if she can help. 

Once my period does show then I go in for scan then start inj for two weeks . She can't give me exact dates due to no period.

I'm lucky that my manager is very understanding and will let me leave wrk if I ever have to for appointments. 

I've just been promoted to supervisor too and I'll have to be taking leave when 2ww comes around . 

Not getting hopes up really as there have been so many hurdles abd delays and I havnt even started treatment properly. 


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Hi Aimaim77.  Oh dear what a runaround for you!  Seems to me that you're having to do all your own booking!  Anyhow, let's hope your period comes at a good time and you can be scanned and get on with treatment.  Good luck!  Diane


Thank you 


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