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Some pain and decision time

Hi ladies it's been a while since my last post so at the moment I'm at home recovering from my last surgery on Wednesday ,after waiting for more than 5 months i finally had my surgery and in the end they clipped one of my tubes and removed the left one so a little bit of pain these days.

The surgery was the last resort before  go to IVF as the chances were almost impossible but because my partner as kids already we have contacted a clinic to know more about egg sharing because at the moment it is almost impossible to save all the money for it.

Is anyone here that went through egg sharing and were accepted for it??

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Thank you Angelee really hope the time goes quickly but I'm not in a hurry i just want to recovery in full.

Hope you had good news in your treatment as well xx


Hi pinto8. Well, regarding your surgery, I was so sorry to read that you have had to go through all of this, but your specialists will have given you a better chance of success now that your tubes have been “fixed”. No worries about any surplus fluid leaking back down into your womb to prevent a developing embryo from implanting. Funding treatment cycles is always a nightmare when we have to fund them ourselves. However, I hope that when you have looked into egg sharing, you might be able to decide to go down that route. I have dealt with many couples who have had to resort to egg sharing, and who have come out with the wonderful family that they seek themselves. If you do decide that this is the way forward for you, then make sure you receive some implications counselling, so that you can talk over any queries you may have about the process. Look after you for the moment, as you are the most important person in your family at the moment, and get strong. I really do hope that once you have done all your “homework” you will be able to try egg sharing, if that’s what you decide – and of course for success. Thinking of you. Diane

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I was meant to egg share, but annoyingly my body didn't respond to the drugs! So it didn't work out for us...


Really?? That's my worst fear when we start the treatment and have to stop it because the body doesn't work how we want


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