Need some hope for my day 2 transfer

So we had one egg put back in on day 2 today. This was after 2 eggs were collected Monday, but only one managed to fertilise.

We were very disappointed at this. While I always knew my egg quantity was low (after years of endometriosis) I always thought that with age on my side (I'm 32) that the quality would be good. This is round 2 for us after round 1 ended with a negative. They only managed to collect 1 egg that round, but the quality seemed good and the hospital was very positive.

However today was a completely different story. The doctor seemed so unhopeful at transfer today. She was very "disappointed" with my eggs for my age - their lack of quantity & their low quality. And when I asked if I could do anything to change things she said "turn back time, catch your endometriosis earlier and get pregnant 5 years ago".

I wish!

Now I've almost written off this whole thing. I've been crying all day as if it's already failed, I'm convinced this round wont work and I'll never be able to produce a good enough egg to get pregnant :(

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  • So sorry you came away from your ET feeling so negative, but it only takes one which means you have hope. It may be slim but if the embie is a little fighter like you I'm sure it will do great. Try to stay positive and rest up.

    Sending you best wishes and mountains of baby dust xxx

  • Ohhhh I'm so sorry ur feeling so down πŸ˜”try not to be so sad, it does only take one!!! Try to remain positive relax and try not to stress urself out... I know that easier said than done

    Good Luck πŸ€πŸ€πŸ˜˜ xx

  • I am so sorry to hear about your negative experience. How disheartening for you at such an emotional time. At 34 I was also told that I would have a normal egg reserve even after stage 4 endo only to get 5 eggs, only three fertilised but only 1 made it to day 3. That one has just been wriggling around on our 12 week scan! Please please don't give up it really does only take one xxxxx

  • What an unhelpful and hurtful thing for that doctor to say. It amazes me how blunt and unsympathetic some doctors working in this- highly emotional- field are. Until AF shows up there is hope so don't let one person put you and your embie down. If this cycle doesn't work are you able to approach a different clinic for a second opinion on what the best thing to do next is? I'm sorry but this doctor sounds like an absolute arse and I would be questioning if they had done everything they possibly could to help get a positive outcome instead of laying the blame on you. So sorry you've had to go through that on top of everything else. Keeping my fingers crossed that this embie sticks. Xxx

  • Hi! Kernishp, I totally agree with your comment, I could not say it better.

  • The doctor sounds absolutely delightful!! NOT!!

    Do any of them think we asked or want to be in the daily situation with endo or having to have fertility treatment?!

    I also have endometriosis, this is our second round of IVF and we have one 2 day transfer on the 2WW at the moment.

    Our first round was better in terms of eggs collected (12), fertilisation numbers (4) and end embryos (1 blasto transferred + 1 frozen). It ended up with a positive, but sadly miscarried at just over 10 weeks.

    This time, there were less numbers to start with...6 collected, 1 fertilised. I felt disappointed and disheartened...tears were shed and it sent my mum into an emotional wreck :-(

    The consultant doing the transfer looked at my notes and said they didn't get as many as they had hoped, but they were worried about the mild ohss that I'd had last round. He appears to have been a bit more positive then your doctor!

    I've read various things about people with 2 day transfers who now have little people and you do have to keep that in your head as the positive and that we only need one stubborn one to stick is difficult, but I just think one to move forward with is better than none.

    Be strong lovely lady and make sure you relax...keep your feet warm :-)


  • Good luck to you too - let me know how it goes xx

  • Your consultant sounds very unsympathetic, if only we could all turn back time!

    I can understand your disappointment at the quality and quantity of eggs, we only got 2 eggs on our second round after 13 on the first. The consultant couldn't provide an explanation for such a different response, my age (42) was mentioned but he didn't go on about it too much. We're well aware that my age isn't helping even though my AMH levels are good for my age.

    If this round is unsuccessful you might want to consider other options like donor eggs or get a second opinion.

    Try to take it easy.

  • Thinking of you and sending so many positive thoughts and love your way. I agree with the other ladies that your doctor is insensitive and awful, so now the only thing to do is put your feet up, relax and prove her wrong. It's not over yet lovely lady so please hold onto some hope and we will all be here crossing our fingers for you too. Xxx

  • Hi SCB1703 as Anjel2 wrote, you only need one. Stay positive and try not to think about it too much. I am sending you best wishes and I hope this works for you xxx

  • Kernishp said it perfectly. That was such an inconsiderate thing to say. Unfortunately we come across these attitudes continually, but you don't expect it from the medical professionals. Try and stay positive. There's hope still and myself and many others are wishing you luck xx

  • Wow, I can't believe your doctor would be so mean. That is such an awful thing for them to say on such an emotionally charged day. I had a day 2 transfer and got a positive. I hope you can recover after today and feel sure that you have done everything you can


  • Hello, i agree with all the ladies on here that was really insensitive of your doctor I think I would of burst in tears with her negativity and rudeness not that it takes much to start me off lately! Like they say it only takes 1 so stay positive will keep my fingers crossed for you xx

  • I only had 1 follicle on my 6th round. 1 egg collected. We thought it was the end of the road for us. It was put back on day 2, guess what?! One perfect baby. So it truly isn't over til the fat lady sings.

  • That's a truly dreadful thing to say. Report it to the HFEA. I hate this IVF world. It's so inhumane. I could go on and on... but (as everyone keeps saying)... it only takes one. ...and time really is on your side. I wish I could turn the clock back. Starting IVF at 42 is a nightmare, but that's just how it is. Don't be sad. Be mad. Switch to a different clinic. We did... even transferred my husband's gametes by courier and it was very easily done. What a complete monster.

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