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oHSS and Egg Transfer

Hi all. I've been told because I'm egg sharing I'm going to be at more risk of OHSS. I think i got it mildly at the end of my first IVF cycle (we are trying ICSI this time). My doctor said they would freeze the embryos if they thought I was risking OHSs. I know what that is, I've read up and felt some of it. But can they MAKE me freeze my embryos? I just feel like after none of my eggs fertilised last time after everything I went through, at least one shot at a fresh egg transfer is what I need. I can't explain it I just don't feel good abouty chances for frozen embryos. Can I ask that they still do the egg transfer even though they think I might get OHSS? I don't think I can bear it if they don't. 

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Hi KittyK. So sorry to hear that you are so worried about the possibility of OHSS and embryo transfer. Obviously, you are best guided by your consultant, but generally if you should have OHSS and it is mild, then they will transfer your embryo(s) as planned and store any leftovers frozen. Should you become poorly, then you are the most important person, and you would need to recover. Your embies will be quite safe, with the modern methods of freezing (vitrification), so try your best not to worry too much. Fingers crossed all goes well for you. Diane


Thank you for your reply. I suppose I'm just worried that with last time, our fertilisation failing with IVF with healthy sperm they said was really unexpected and rare and just unlucky. I feel like we've been having a run of bad luck really and I know frozen isn't as good as fresh. I don't know. Think I'm just prepared for a fall. Not feeling very optimistic today ^___^;

Thank you for your help though. I suppose to me I'm just thinking I don't really care about me I just want it to work lol


Hi KittyK.  Of course you do!  Keeping everything crossed that it does.  Diane


Hey hon

I've ohss both times first time we did the transfer and I was really poorly for over a month, second time they froze all and gave me medication 2 days before EC which stopped ohss and meant when they were implanted I felt much better.

I know how you feel, my first time I had 15 none survived to freeze, 2 implanted and nothing. Second time 8,6 frozen, all survived defrosting but stopped developing a first time.

Don't worry about freezing, most if not allsurvive defrosting, those who don't were most likely not viable anyway

It's hard isn't it. Try to be kind to yourself xx


Thank you. I will try. I suppose all the stress and hormones are just giving me this bad feeling I can't shift. Hopefully it'll all go ok xx


Hi Kitty, I know it's a worry. I had 24 eggs collected and was therefore at risk of OHSS and was due to freeze all the viable embryos but on day 2, only one was top quality and 2 were OK but they wouldn't normally freeze. My consultant asked me if I wanted to transfer then as our chances were low. So we did and she's now 7 weeks old! I don't know what other clinics are like, it seemed like maybe ours was extreme. Maybe if you have more good embryos they would recommend freezing instead. I think I did get very mild OHSS, I had some bloating which was uncomfortable but nothing beyond a big dinner luckily. I know it can be horrendous but I was willing to take the risk, and i'm pretty sure most of us would to get our babies. Good luck with your cycle xx


Thanks Bunty. Im just hoping I'll just get it mildly again and they'll let me go ahead. Been such a long road already I don't think I can take anymore hiccups >___< thank you xx

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Good luck sweetie, I'll keep everything crossed for you guys xx


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