Prontogest Injections

Has anyone got experience with these? Ive been on them for almost 3 weeks now, have been fine to start with, noticed i was getting hard lumps like little golf balls where i was injecting, but tonight and a few nights ago they have been extremely painful with me screaming to get needle out. Dont know if its near a damaged area or something? Tonight I bled quite a lot so possibly unlucky and hit something we Shouldn't but it took 3 attempts to do, first was painful as soon as needle went in, second when liquid was going in was unbearable (this is when I bled a lot) and finally got rest of liquid in on other side (all with clean needles), dont know how i'll do them for another month! Has anyone any tips? 

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  • Hi there, 

    I haven't taking these injections but as a nurse I'm wondering if 1: you have taking an allergic reaction? 2: are you changing the site each time your injecting? 3: do you need to mix your solution or are the pre-mixed? 4: is it a subcut injection or a intramuscular?. 


  • Yes weve been taking turns doing left then right it is a pre-mixed oil and intramuscular injection xx

  • Hmm I would phone tomorrow to double check with your clinic. IM injections are sore but shouldn't be as bad as your describing. The things we need to go through in starting to get the fear of starting treatment as I will be a terrible paitient. Good luck and keep me posted xx

  • I rang them Friday and they said they get loads of complaints with them and to avoid lumps, but thats pretty impossible at the moment. The nurse said i could try pessatries but im worried if i take them in will effect the baby as they obviously put me on injections for a reason. Theyve alway stung a little but totally ok to deal with the last few times is like unbearable pain instantly, sure that cant be good for my body either xx

  • So sorry to hear this rosy, I hope you can get to the bottom of it and they get easier soon. Xxxxx

  • Thanks Daisy thats made me laugh 'get to the bottom of it 😂😂😂' xx

  • Oh my goodness I didn't even realise!!! Sorry! 😂😳😳

  • Hi rosy_1. All clinics have their own preferences as to how you are to have your progesterone.  If you do decide to transfer to using pessaries, try not to worry, as the lining of your vagina will absorb the progesterone just as efficiently.  I used to find that putting an ice cube on the spot beforrre injecting resulted in pain free jabs!  Might be worth a try if you have to continue with them.  Good luck!  Diane

  • Thank you, im going to try again tonight, its just the last few days that have been bad. Have you any idea what the lumps are? It was ok before I got them. I may try injecting my thigh a few nights to give my bum a rest but heard that is painful too

  • Hi rosy_1. It all seems to be a local reaction. Although it's uncomfortable it shouldn't be a problem.  if your "bum" is a bit fatty it could be that the injection isn't going deep enough.  However, if that is the case,the drug will still get absorbed OK.  Good luck with the last few days.  Diane

  • The only other thing I can think of is make sure your skin is warm and its injected into the "fleshy" bit. The way I was taught at uni was hold the needle like a dart and with one quick move aim. It sounds bad but none of my patients have said it was sore. I usually give it a rub after too obviously every patient is different but I hope it helps xxxx

  • Think being warm definitely helps, just hard to avoid these lumps, im sure its them that are hurting me any idea what they are? Xx

  • I think it's a mixture of going into muscle tissue and a build up of oil. I would try and do it after a shower/bath when your cosy and be as relaxed as possible so your muscles relaxed. I understand you not wanting to change prescription as I would be the same. Good luck xx

  • I had a similar experience as you. It's painful because it's a oil. My clinic changed the prescription from Prontogest 100mg (infected every 36 hrs after transfer) to Agolutin 60mg (injected every 24 hrs) because of the pain patients were experiencing. I had no more pain after this change was made. Ask if your treatment plan can be changed too. P.s. I'm now pregnant

  • I've had quite a few transfers and my plan was changed each time. In the successful FET, I only had Agolutin 5 days before the transfer and took Utrogestan afterwards.

  • In 6 weeks pregnant now and worried about changing incase it effects anything, i might try to inject for a few more days but im really nervous after last night or try to inject my thighs for a couple of times have you ever tried that? 

  • It was fine for about the first 20 injections its just the last few that have been unbearable, maybe its a build of of the oil, not sure what the lumps are really

  • Sorry, don't know if it's ok to inject into your thigh; Google & I'm sure you'll fine an answer (or ring your clinic & ask; that's what you should be able to do). You are quite far along & I've never known people to be infecting rather than taking tablets vaginally (also not the nicest but better than injections). When I last took Prontogest, I couldn't even sit down because it was too painful. I didn't have any big lumps though. 

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