Earliest test date?

What's the earliest anyone has tested after an iui and gotten an accurate results? Today is day 9, official test day is not till day 16, but AF would be due before that. I'm thinking I'd rather try and test early at home with hubby and find out either way than go to loo in work and randomly  find out its not worked to then have to act normal for rest of the day?! AF due day 12 of wait so could I test day 11 do you think and get true result?

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  • Hey, I was bad on my 2ww tested nearly everyday and got a negative result, then I had decided not to test on the 2nd week but felt sick and had sore boobs so I gave in and tested on day 12 and got a positive. To be sure I tested everyday again after that and kept getting a positive. I tested again day 15 and again got another positive :-) do what you feel you need to :-) good luck xx

  • Going by your dates, I'd test on day 12 when you're due AF. By then, you would be 4 weeks pregnant and it may be picked up on a sensitive hpt. But it might lot show up unless you use first urine of the day, so don't go testing last thing at night or anything!

  • I would try and hold out until day 16. I tested a day early and got a BFN. Tested on my official test date and finally got a positive. A day really can make all the difference. Good luck 🍀 x

  • Hi saffi2182.  "To test or not to test - that is the question"!  I would try and hold out till your "proper" test date if you can, but definitely no testing befoer Day 12.  Fingers crossed for you. Diane

  • Thanks for all the replies, have been good and held off so far but feeling all crampy and bleurgh today so think if it's negative I'll know by tomorrow either way now!

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