Test day and BFP on hpt but started bleeding. .help!!!

Did an Fet on Sat last week with two blastocyst. Today I'm 9dp5dt and today is my beta. I was testing with ovulation test from clear blue. (Not digital ones).and tested on 6dp5dt and got strong positive. I did it again the next day same thing. The clearblue test picks up hcg because its very similar in molecular structure. I didn't want to get my hopes up but didn't use hpt to get disappointed. So I was waiting for today to get beta. I told myself the only way I wud use hpt is if I saw blood. Low and behold this morning bright red blood followed by af cramps . Started crying but went ahead to take hpt. It was positive!!! Dark not faint. But why am I bleeding with pain? Went in for beta this morning and will get the results later. I also asked for a progesterone test. Reason being...all the way along I was on endometrin twice a day (natural cycle). I had clear liquid coming out everyday kina watery at times then kina slimy. I think I read that this could be progesterone causing it. My face was also oily due to progesterone. Yesterday I noticed that all that completely stopped then had a thin light yellow discharge (sry if tmi), but before yesterday...the endometrin pill used to come out by itself (due to clear watery/slimy discharge) so I didn't have to swipe out any if you know what I mean. this morning was the first time all stayed in there like a build up in there and undies totally dry no discharge at all...strange. after showering a few min later I felt somthing wiped and saw bright red blood.!!! I'm having af cramps to...very scared before i get results some bad is happening. ..did this happen to any one? Is my progesterone dropping or is this normal? ??? Please please help.....first bfp after 6years.😒

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  • Any news? How are you? X

  • Oh dear sorry .it must be frustrating to get a bfp and then see AF.i hope for the best for you and that its nothing bad.hugs to you

  • Hi purple, sorry to know that you are in this situation. I had fet in last October , two embryos transferred...I never tested at home but did blood test directly on the OTD. After I got positive result, I saw blood ay 4 weeks 5 days pregnant....again we did blood test n found that hcg was rising up...I used vaginal crinone gel for 10 weeks n the crinone get used to come as brown til week 8...sometimes while wiping too, I used to find red blood...that means there was little bleeding till 8 weeks...I still have a doubt that my both embryos got life but one stopped so I got bleeding little bit....however I don't know what caused bleeding....I wish your bleeding stops soon n give u positive result...try to stay positive....

  • Hi guys thanks for all your concerns. My beta came back at 131! But im still bleeding ...it went from bright red to little less red somtimes brownish redish. But I'm still having lots of pain since this morning. It worries me. I can't enjoy my results. The amount of blood or brownish blood is still kina consistent and did not decrease...seemed like it increased a bit. The progesterone is 27. I think that's ok at this stage. The nurse said to take the endometrin 3 times a day now.

    Lovewin honestly I noticed the red blood after i inserted the endometrin so initially I taught it was that caused a little tear in there or somthing...but it continued and with belly pains so it was not coming from the cervix.

    If it continues then I have to go for a second beta.

    Praying it sticks.

  • Hang in there little one.

  • Hope it works out ok for you petal β€πŸ€πŸ™

  • Thanks winky!

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