Is test date set in stone?

Hi xx I was just wondering if the clinic has given me the date to test will it be ok to wait an extra day until you test? Bizarre I know that I wouldnt want to do it asap but I am in work on the date I have been given and I am a nail tech so I am 1 to 1 with clients allday and I am not sure I can cope with all the emotions I will have on that day xx

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  • Of course you can test later hun :) a later test would also be more accurate. Mine is Wednesday and I'm thinking about doing it on the Friday for the same reasons xx

  • Thanks for replying hun. I thought so and the question seemed silly but you just try to do everything by the book or the right way after you have come this far!!! I may wait then. I want to do it when the pressure is off and hubby and I can have some time together xx

    Good luck hun. Got everything crossed for you xx

  • Sounds look a good idea in your circumstances if you can wait, good luck hun xx

  • I feel exactly the same as my test day is on a working day too xx

  • I'm going to leave it until my day off. Its only 1 day after the date I was given so hopefully I can resist until then xx

    Good luck xx

  • I waited 2 extra days as we were away for the weekend when I was meant to test am we didn't want to spoil the weekend if it was bad news. Thankfully we got a BFP and because we had waited that extra couple of days we knew it was accurate.

  • Definately going to wait then x

    Does anybody know if its ok to have sex in your 2ww?! My clinic havent said anything about it xx

  • I got a list of do's and don't' from my clinic and it said not to have sex.

  • Test date is getting closer but I have just started with what feels like period pains and back ache. I am not holding my hopes up and feel a little groggy and deflated today xxx

  • That's ok I think. I have a feeling you will get BFP! X

  • Awww do you really. Thank you hun. I didnt think the 2 ww would be this hard. Its torture!!!

  • Yes! I think that's just a normal feeling but you've got 2 embryos gives you better chance and it's blastocyst which gives you more better chance. That's very exciting xxx

  • Thankyou for restoringy faith in all this a little. Its so easy to give up hope. I cant wait for test day to be over xx

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