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Pregnancy Question

Hello ladies. Not posted here for a while. Hope your all doing well. Well I am currently at 18.5 weeks of my pregnancy after a successful round of ICSI. Never did I realise how hard I would find the 40 weeks of pregnancy! I thought the 2 weeks wait was bad enough but going through this 40 weeks over worrying and analysing everything is difficult. I'm normally such a laid back person but I think after all we go through to get pregnant it's so hard not to worry something has gone wrong. 

My query is for any of those ladies out there who have gone through a pregnancy sorry for the TMI but have you ever experience brown discharge when going to the toilet. It looks like what you get before a period starts. I phones my midwife and she said this is normal but I can't help but worry :-( so just wondering if anyone else experienced this? 

X x 

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Hi, please try not to worry.  I have had this during my pregnancy also.  If it is brown / pink and you are not soaking a sanitary towel then its harmless.  My spoting was caused by a small polyp on my cervix which is quite common in pregnancy. Spotting can also happen simply because of the increased blood flow to the area. I know it is alarming to see it and if you want to put your mind at ease then go to your nearest early pregnancy unit to get checked out, ring ahead first. Good luck x


Hi, I had some red blood at 18 weeks and had been told if there was any bleeding to go to the emergency room to get checked out. They checked cervix and did a scan and all was fine. At my 22 weeks scan I found out I have low lying placenta, so this could have been a reason for it. Again, they said at that scan to go straight to hospital if there was any bleeding. It's surprisingly common, the more you mention it to other women! But I would get checked out for peace of mind, when is your next scan?


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