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Scan shows pregnancy


Hello ladies

So as u kno my scan isn't untill next fri BUT I have been having some bleeding and been going crazy with worry x the IVF clinic were isles and no reassuring atall so went to my doctor who was just lovely and booked me into the early pregnancy unit at te hospital for a scan. This morning we saw our little miracle and we even saw a little heartbeat x the pregnancy looks healthy and we are to continue with crinone gel and go for scan next week at IVF clinic x baby measures just 2.4 mm and am about 6wks 5days x totally overwhelmed and still in shock tht their is actually a little bubba growin inside me xxxx

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Awww this just makes me so happy hun your wee miracle ☺and there is hope for me and others wish u all the luck and happiness in the world 💜xxxxxxx

Fantastic news congratulations ! Wish you a healthy and a happy pregnancy xx

Wow fantastic news!!! It's a miracle I'm so happy for you 😀😀 xxx


Such lovely news!! Congrats!! X

Ah so pleased for you x

Wish you a good journey. Take care always and happy for you. X

Aww I'm so pleased for you!! Good luck with everything xx

Just WOW! Xxx



Brilliant news. I have my first scan at 2.30pm today i am worried just hope i have the same result as you. Not sure if im 5 or 7 weeks so be interesting to find out. I dont think i will properly believe that im pregnant till i have 12 week scan.

Happy dance! Hooray!

Thanks ladies x hope U are all well x ginger how was ur scan x my next scan is on Friday up the IVF clinic can't wait to see our little miracle again x fingers crossed everything is still okay x don't come on here as much as I used to as I'm terrified wen I read about miss carriage stories x but am always thinking if unlovely ladies and wishing u all the best luck in te world xxxx

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