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Confusing times

It's day 28 after a BFP and still feel like things are in the air. Had a little blood on Monday just gone then nothing till Thursday when I had quite a lot but it seems like it's stopped again. Thursday's was bright red fresh looking. Not got my scan till 4th April it seems a long time away just hoping AF doesn't actually turn up. Still having some cramps, sore breasts and feeling sick in the mornings (mostly). Just thought after my two BFP tests I'd feel more relaxed but it's simply not like that I'm still really worried and still on knicker check. Just needed to get it out.. Good luck to everyone x

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Your bound to feel worried, I've been there. There is always a dread when going to the toilet but keep hopeful and it may just be how you are when your pregnant. Congrats on your BFP and good luck xx


Thank you. Have just started bleeding again :-/ just want to know the result either way! 


Hi there,

Great news on BFP and stay positive. I initially bled from the day before test day to 9 weeks into pregnancy.  We were scanned early at our clinic and found out I had a small blood clot called a sub chorionic haematoma and was visible on the scan. If this is the reason for the bleed then it should clear up and resolve on its own, ours did by 12 weeks, but sometimes they can take longer. The bleed was just a red loss all at once then it would stop, i think it happened 2/3 times and is common in both assisted and natural conceptions as my midwife experienced it too, which was a great comfort. Though no bleeding at all in my first pregnancy, which heightens the anxiety and the worry! Just take each day/week as it comes and speak to your clinic for advice, I was on extra progesterone as a precaution until we knew what it was. We got some extra scans done for reassurance at the EPU. Good luck and I hope you find out why the bleeds are happening! Xxx 

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Like Babybrain, I had a couple of bright red blood episodes at 5 weeks and again at 18 weeks. They could never see a reason for it and I did get scanned each time. My GP also signed me off for a week when I had the later one. You're 6 weeks now so maybe if you ring your clinic they could bring your appointment forward for reassurance. When you mention pregnancy bleeding to other women, you discover that it's actually quite common. Very alarming when it happens but hopefully all will be fine for you. 


Thank you both, trying to stay positive. I'll call my clinic on Tuesday it's frustrating this all happened when everything is closed! Xx


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