The spotting seems to have stopped in the last couple of days. I also did a test as it was 10 days after our bfp and it's still a bfp-thank goodness!! I woke up at 4am and just thought right I can't sleep I'm doing this now. We are both pleased and are now looking forward to the 29th which is scan day-keeping our fingers crossed for that. The symptoms have been really kicking in now the sick feeling is horrible but I don't mind. We've still not told a soul as we want to wait and check everything is ok first-keeping everything crossed. I've got acupuncture later today so I'm keeping that up. Xx

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  • So glad all is well. Wishing you a happy and very healthy pregnancy!

  • Thank you so much x

  • Oh god feel like I've jinxed myself- just had bleeding when I went to the loo. Then felt extremely hot and had to lie down quickly before I passed out. This is just awful I hope everything's ok x

  • Hope you're feeling better. Thinking of you as I've not had bleeding but I've had only faint positive and one negative since I've started testing (I'm 5weeks today). All symptoms disappeared for almost a week until last night now very hot too. My first scan is 29th as well - praying we both get there. I've decided to have bloods to get a better idea if this is a viable pregnancy. Fingers crossed x

  • Thanks for your message. I am back to spotting at the moment. It's worrying me though. My acupuncturist wants to give me some herbs for it so will give it a whirl. I'm between 5/6 weeks. I've had a few of these hot feelings in the past couple of days but last nights one I literally had to lie on the floor quickly before I passed out-so weird! I was really shocked to be bleeding again as it had stopped. I don't know whether to call my clinic as they always say there is nothing that they can do and to wait until scan day. Keep me posted with how you've got on-it's weird that we've both had the hot flush thing. Hope your bloods go well-will be thinking of you xx

  • Does acupuncture work?

  • I had heard lots of positive things with acupuncture and we have one where I live who has been practicing for years and has had lots of women go onto concieve. My clinic even said about her. We had been trying for 5 years and had 4 rounds of IVF (1 fresh and 3 frozen) and we started acupuncture before our 3rd fet and we got pregnant unfortunately that ended in miscarriage but we tried again this being our 4th go and a FET and I'm currently pregnant (get scared saying that as I've had bleeding etc so will have to wait until the scan day to check everything is ok after last time). I kinda take these things with a pinch of salt but it seems interesting to me that when we started acupuncture we were getting further along than we ever had before. I was just willing to give anything a go to be honest-it won't be for everyone and I certainly don't enjoy it as I hate needles but I was willing to give it a go. I would say if your looking for one to make sure they have experience within the gynecology area as I think they specialize in certain areas-mine certainly has. Hope that helps- any questions by all means let me know xx

  • I am currently 9 1/2 weeks 2 days after my scan I went to pick up a couple of things from a shop and ended up sitting on the floor stripping off all my layers ready to pass out, feeling bit and couldn't breathe and my doctor (saw next day) said it was low blood pressure which happens coz baby stealing all your goodies so as horrible as it is could be a positive thinf x

  • Thanks so much- it was such a weird moment. I got so hot but I was on the loo and was bleeding a bit and had to get down onto the floor quickly -soz if tmi, lol! Fingers crossed all I see going well in there-really hope so. All the best with your pregnancy-it must have been so brilliant to see the scan xx

  • That's alright I was petrified and my poor hubby didn't know what to do then banned me from doing anything cz he was so scared. It was amazing it was our 5th round and as soon as she showed us I just sobbed lol don't worry yourself just relax x

  • So pleased for you-so hoping that's us on the 29th. It was such a horrid time when they couldn't find it last time and that I had miscarried. It means I'm uber sensitive with any symptom especially bleeding xxx

  • I totally understand on our 4th round we had a miscarriage at nearly 6 weeks so I refused to get excited until after our scan. Think positive this is ur time now xx

  • Oh goodness so sorry to hear that but brilliant that all is going well now. Xx

  • Hi yllek1982. Looking good! Keeping everything crossed for you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane- I'm back to spotting again now. Very frustrating! My acupuncturist has given me some herb things to cook up and drink (taste foul) but giving it a whirl x

  • Hi yllek1982. Hope it helps, but I think you may find that the spotting will persist on and off for a couple of weeks, then should disappear! Goodness knws why it happens, but as you will read on this site, it is soooooo common! Take care! Diane

  • It was a little heavy yesterday eve when I went to the loo. I felt like I had jinxed myself as I had done the test again and made myself relax a bit when all seemed ok then this happened. Very frustrating-will just have to see how it goes. Thanks so much xx

  • Hi yllek1982. Oh dear! You will notice it more after you have been lying down for a while, as it "puddles" then comes out when you stand. It's mostly just due to hormones affecting the cervix. Try not to worry. Diane

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