First Gonal-f injection

Well, I had my first injection tonight and I'm ashamed to say that, despite all my good intentions, I totally freaked out. It took 30mins before I could stop crying long enough for my husband to inject me. However, I have to say it wasn't bad, I hardly felt anything. I feel awful for panicking. It must have been hard enough for him to give a shot in the first place, let alone to give one to someone having a panic attack. Does anyone else suffer from needle phobia? If you do I'd appreciate some advice on how you dealt with it.

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  • Well done to you!😊 Yes I was totally needle phobic- used to faint/be sick/ cry every time I encountered needles/injections but after months of blood tests and IVF injections I've had no choice other than face my fears! I found the injection varied each time in pain but not too bad, still can't believe I did it for 2 weeks! Good luck honey xx

  • Well done, it's a huge accomplishment and you have done the hardest one now. I don't think I'm needle phobic as I've never fainted, but I hate needles and the injections are a very hard part of this entire process. I'm currently injecting at 6.30ish every morning and sometimes I feel brave and do it straight away, then other times it takes me about 10 minutes to pluck up the courage to do it!! I know it's silly as it never really hurts, I just think it's so unnatural to us and takes a lot to get your head around it all. 

    Well done to you and your hubby xxx

  • It is really unnatural. I have a blood/injection/needle phobia. I usually faint and sometimes I even go into convulsions. It can be dangerous for me to have an injection outside of the hospital environment as,in very rare circumstances, they can cause cardiac problems. I once had a mole removed and it took them 3 hours as every time they woke me up I passed out again and began convusing. However I'm scared to make a fuss in the context of fertility. So much is riding on this I'm afraid if I ask for extra support it will cause problems. Doctors are not known for their sympathetic attitude to needle phobias (even genetic ones) and I don't want to make the people who I need to help me angry, which is unfortunately the reaction I have had from medical professionals in the past.

  • Oh darling you really do have a phobia and I don't think you should worry about talking to your doctors and nurses. IVF is extremely hard and stressful and if you already have a problem with needles, they may be able to help or give you some tips. 

    What time of day do you have your injections? Maybe you could try and get into a routine with a bath or shower, then some relaxation or meditation to calm your nerves. I know some ladies on here have put ice on the area to numb it before the injection so this might help, however this may be more painful than the actual needle!

    I find when I'm having my worry I tell myself 'it's a tiny needle, you will hardly feel it and it will all be over in 30 seconds'. I know it's all a matter of mind over matter but it is very hard. 

    You should be feeling very proud of yourself and Good Luck. I'm here if you need a friend to chat to xxx

  • Thanks, I have my injection in the evening at about 8pm. I don't think numbing the area will help as I don't usually find needles painful but I like the idea of relaxation time before hand. I think a lot of the fear centres around my reaction as I never know how I'm going to respond. I once passed out in a doctors and woke up in the room next door in a wheel chair. They'd just dumped me there and moved on to the next patient. I was gutted at my reaction an up until the injection I was ok with the thought of it.

  • I was terrified of the thought of needles so I started having acupuncture before IVF so I would get used to it. My acupuncturist gets me to breath in before the needle and then breathe out for double the length of time while she puts it in. So get your hubby to ask you to breathe in for 3 and then you breathe out for 6 while he does it. Don't look while he's doing it and just focus on the breath. It sounds daft but it has really worked for me! I hope it works! Good luck lovely xx

  • I tried to speak to the nurses about my needle phobia today. I had to have a blood test and I freaked out. The nurses were really busy and I felt really rushed. Even when I said no she still kept moving things forward and I panicked. Tonight I called up for my results to find out what medication I needed to take and I asked if the timing was fixed or if it could be changed, only to receive a lecture on how there were other patients to consider and that I had to fit in around them. I asked a genuine question because I didn't know the answer and I feel like I was told off like a little girl. This is the attitude I come across over and over with my needle phobia and I'm totally distraught. I understand that there are other people who need treatment as well  but I didn't know anything about the timing or how appointments were arranged. I might be being paranoid but I suspect it is a result of my melt down today. I now really don't want to go back to the clinic and I know that I'll be worse next time as I am now tense before even getting there. I don't know what to do.

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