Gonal F starts tonight ✅

So tonight I start the Gonal F injection

Pretty nervous about having the 2 injections a day as I'm really not good with needles, but trying to remain positive and keep my eye on the end result should we be blessed enough to have a positive pregnancy test after the 2ww.

First scan is Monday 13th Feb - let's do this!

Hope you lovely ladies are all doing well 🍀🍀💗

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  • Good luck Hun! I used ice before hand to numb the area as after a bit I got sick of poking it in myself!!! Hope all goes well and you get your BFP x

  • Thanks allieb21 we did use ice, hubby does them for me - there's no way I could inject myself!! thank you so much xx

  • Good luck and just keep thinking about your dream xxx

  • Hi button123 thank you so much! Yes I'm definitely trying to keep thinking about the dream - the thing that keeps me going to be honest!

    Good luck with ur cycle too 🍀🍀 xx

  • hi diamonddream - i'm starting menopur tonight, we are stim buddies!

    wishing you lots of luck & as button 123 said - try to keep your eye on the prize 👶🏻

  • Hi noodles! Yes stim buddies!

    How did yours go?! hope all went well! I'm glad the 2 are done for tonight!! trying to just keep thinking about being blessed with a beautiful 👶🏼 At the end!!

    Fingers crossed for us all xx

  • it wasn't too bad - a bit fiddly mixing up the saline with the powder, but i've delegated injections prep to my hub!

    hope yours went okay too.

    here we go! 🙌🏻

  • Golly it does sound fiddly Hun! dont blame you for getting hubby to do it, mine does all my injections thank god!

    It wasn't too bad, I'm proper needle phobic so I got a bit upset but hopefully get easier in time!!

    Yep we can do this 👍🏼👌🏼👶🏼


  • Best of luck! It goes by quickly!!

  • Thank you beebeestar! 🍀🍀 that's good to know! 💗

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