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Massage after embryo transfer?

Hi, I had a 5 day FET yesterday. I had booked for a massage next week to relax during my 2 week wait. I was going to have a back and feet massage so was avoiding the stomach area. I have been told that this isn't a good idea as there are points to avoid in the shoulder and foot in early pregnancy. Does anyone know if this is the case? I was looking forward to it but don't want to take any risks. Thanks!

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Im a massage therapist, yes there are areas to avoid in both feet and back, is there anyone near you that do pregnancy massage? You could have the same massage as early stage of pregnancy. I personally wouldnt have a massage myself (just in case) but have something like a facial that will still relax you but wont detox your body the same xx


Hi please don't have any massage right now it not a good idea for early pregnancy( dangerous because  feet shoulder back are reflex to woman internal) you need to wait unless 12 weeks ,try to look at acupuncture or relax have a little walk or watch funny films good luckxxxx 


Thank you! I was thinking of a facial but that has a little shoulder massage so I'll ask her to not do that and I definitely won't have a massage. I had no clue, I just thought it would be relaxing! Thanks xx

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Thank you for the advice! I think I'll avoid it. I just didn't even consider it could be something to avoid when I booked. I would love a facial! The lady I go to does lovely ones but does usually do a little massage on the shoulders/neck while the masks are on but guessing as only a little bit it should be ok? Or maybe I should avoid that as well? Thank you! xx


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