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Day 12 after embryo transfer


I’m day 12 today. Had cramping moderately on day 6 and panicked I would bleed. I didn’t, I’m day 12 this evening (preg test due Friday) and I’ve had some bleeding tonight. It’s my first cycle but had to wait ages to start it, 39 years old and been trying for 4 and a half years. I can’t bear it not working. Trying not to feel anxious but it’s so tough. I had two eggs using ICI transferred, good quality eggs but only had 4 retrieved and two didn’t make it so I have no more eggs. I’m so worried so decided to read people’s stories and post on here for advice.

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Hey I just wanted to wish you best of luck and I hope despite the little bleed you get some very good news! Fingers crossed for the best outcome! Sending lots of hugs 🤞🤞🤞🤞🌈🌈🌈🌈❤❤❤❤❤xxx

Sals1980 in reply to Klndmr

Thank you so much for that message. Xx

Klndmr in reply to Sals1980


Wishing you all the very best. It's a tough time. When it finally worked for me I had incredible pain, cramping and night sweats. Was totally convinced it was over and I'd be having my period round the corner. Hugs and best wishes xx

Sals1980 in reply to Music1

Negative I’m sad to say xxx Seeing how quickly I can do the next cycle.

Music1 in reply to Sals1980

Gosh, heartbroken for you. See if they can work out how, why it went wrong. For me it was my thyroid function that played a huge part. I promised myself I'd be pregnant by the time I was 30. We started trying at 37. Finally pregnant at 44. It's taken forever, but it can be done if they figure things out. So sorry to hear your news. It's heartbreaking. Wishing you everything for your next cycle. xx

Good luck with your test today. Hope it’s a BFP x

Gud luck with test today

Cramping and brown bleeding are nothing to worry about! I hope you get a positive results. I know how hard the wait is ... you are almost there!

Good luck for today!!!!


Sals1980 in reply to EmGLA

Thank you. Negative I’m afraid xx

Two pregnancy tests this morning both negative. Feel devastated and want to hide away. The thought of doing it all again and I have no eggs make me very emotional and my age scares me. Feel like a failure and my poor husband doesn’t not wha to do with me.

Thanks everyone for your support.

Cinderella5 in reply to Sals1980

Im so sorry, its really hard getting a BFN. Be kind to yourselves, hugs.xx

HopeTTC18 in reply to Sals1980

I’m so sorry to hear that x

Good luck.. all you can do is pray and be positive. Our fingers are crossed for the good news :-)

Sals1980 in reply to akpenev3

Negative, readying for next cycle x

Sending you lots of love 💕 take care of yourself x x x

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