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Pineapple after embryo transfer, yes or no?


Hi everyone,

I’m due to have my third transfer tomorrow (all depending on if the embryo survives the thaw) I didn’t eat pineapple after my first two transfers, is it something I should consider doing this time?

Thanks in advance

Love to you all xx

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Hey hun my 2nd transfer I ate the pineapple core 5 days after transfer, ate a handful of Brazil nuts daily and a glass of pomegranate juice everyday...still a BFN! This cycle I'm not doing anything at all special, I'm even going to have the 1 cup of coffee a day that my clinic said I could have. You can obviously can do all these things as they are all healthy so it wouldn't hurt. 😊My FS laughed at me when when I told her about these things lol

All the best for your transfer 🍀🤞🙏💕 xxx

I ate pineapple daily and even learned to like the core. But then i like pineapple so it wasn't a great hardship

I ate the McDonald fries lol after transfer, also did acupuncture on the day of transfer before and after and drank pomegranate juice a glass a day not from concentrate, Brazil nuts and also the pineapple for 5 days. I got my bfp but not sure if anything I did helped.... but haul it might have who knows... good luck with your cycle xxx

Jebby86 in reply to destiny121

I’ve read about others eating McDonalds fries after transfer, is it something to do with the salt? Xx

destiny121 in reply to Jebby86

I haven’t got a clue to be honest... I saw some ladies advise it on here and just went with it 😊

Hey. I didnt so anything like eating or drinking these things except eating my McDonalds fries HQ! Its going to be what it is at the end of the day so try not to focus on it too much as it will stress you out. I still got a bfp. Fingers crossed for you! X

By all means try it but don’t pin your hopes on it. I ate it (and hated it, the core was a killer for me) on 4/6 transfers. Two bfps and three bfns. I’m currently 16+2 and didn’t even look at a pineapple! xx

Hey, I ate pineapple core, Brazil nuts and drank the pure Pom juice which is super expensive and I got a positive. It’s worth noting my clinic didn’t recommend these to me so if it was recognised as being influential in success we would be told by the health professionals. For me I guess I didn’t want any what ifs that were in my control so when I do transfer my frozen one if it thaws I will do exactly the same. Hope all goes well. Best advice is to relax as there are fertility specialists who have produced work to indicate that stress throughout a cycle impacts the success rate 🙏🏻

Esitlove in reply to MrsH007

I just did my 1st IVF 3 days ago and i am enjoying joining this group it is realing helpfull for my pregnacy Sucess. X O🤞

I dont know if it worked for us but straight after transfer I had maccas fries large lol kept my feet warm for a couple of days and lived on pinapple we got our BFP first round like I said I'm not sure it contributed but I was willing to give anything a try, good luck 🤞😁

Jebby86 in reply to SME1

I plan on heading straight to maccies after the transfer tomorrow 😄 I’ve also got my pineapple and Brazil nuts ready 🤞🏻 Xx

Hey, honey! Congrats on a successful transfer. Want to wish you the best of luck. Here's to hoping things work out for you. If you have any questions, it makes more sense to consult your doctor. I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem, haha. Go ahead, in my opinion, honey!

I read a lot of controversial theories about the pineapple. One of the was to drink juice rather than eat a fruit. According to Chinese medicine pineapple can make the womb cold therefore not the best choice when trying to get pregnant. I have tried eating bits after my 2 past transfers - both BFNs. I will have 3rd transfer next week but decided I won’t be touching pineapple this time. Good luck xx

Kaylon in reply to Kari55

My mother in law is a Chinese medicine practitioner and she absolutely agrees. Pineapple is cooling and that's the last thing you want for you uterus. Don't know about the fore but pineapple is a no go I think x

Kari55 in reply to Kaylon

Thanks for confirming this! I think it’s better to eat other fruits and probably no more than 2-3 a day to keep sugar intake down. The other controversy I found is the pomegranate - it’s a symbol of fertility but apparently the little pips can increase uterine contraction. I’m not sure about pomegranate juice but excessive drinking will definitely mean lots of sugar. And Brazil nuts are another example- are means to be rich in selenium (only those from Latin America, not from China) but are very prone to mould which is a no no whether we are trying to get pregnant or not. I think balance and moderation is the answer to everything xx

Kaylon in reply to Kari55

I know it's so hard with so much mixed information out there. But according to Chinese medicine it's all about strengthening your kidneys and making your body/uterus warm to sustain a pregnancy. Bone broth is something the Chinese rave about. But yeah pineapple is def too cooling and can also cause uterine contractions. It is something pregnant women are recommended to eat when they want to start contractions...

Good luck and hope all goes well xxx

Kari55 in reply to Kaylon

Thank you! I might make broth next week, have some organic bones in the freezer 😁 xxx

I ate pineapple - partly because I love it and partly because I would have tried anything! Remember you want to eat the core as well as the fleshy bit. It's a little chewy.

I also ate a few Brazil nuts each day.

I got pregnant

Best of luck!

Esitlove in reply to Kempton

Good luck girl that is sweet to hear that u got pregnant. Was it ur First? Because i just did my 1st IVF 3 days ago and hoping and trusting God to be positive. XO 🤞

Hi, wishing you well for tomorrow. Not sure if I will try pineapple this time round didn't try it last time either xx

Hello! I've done the research and I'm afraid (or maybe it's a good thing!) there's absolutely no evidence behind pineapple, pomegranate, full-fat dairy, McDonald's chips, or most other things you read about. The one food that MIGHT be worth taking is Brazil nuts.

I wrote up my findings here:

Hope it helps, and good luck!


Still am going to trying all of it, no one knows what realing help to be Sucessful🤔🤔 because i just did my 1st cycle 3 days ago and believing God for a positive.🤞

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