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6 + 4 weeks pregnant and lack of symptoms, feeling worried 😥


I was so happy and felt so lucky when I found out I was pregnant and my first cycle of IVF had been successful but over the last few weeks I seem to be letting my anxiety take over. I don’t feel like myself and everyday I’m having to battle with all the negative thoughts in my head. I am so worried I will lose the baby and the fact my symptoms have died down hasn’t helped the situation. The only symptom I feel is tiredness and boobs hurt occasionally. I paid for an early scan at 6 weeks and saw the heartbeat which reassured me for a day or two. I feel like I should be over the moon that I managed to get this far but I’m just terrified it will be taken away from me. How did you other ladies get through these early stages? Help! ☹️ XX

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Hiya! I literally feel like I could have written your post!! So I am 2 weeks ahead of you but have my early scan booked this week at my clinic. I don't have hardly any symptoms. My hubby keeps asking me everyday what my symptons are but we are both feeling so anxious!! Hoping we get some more good news this week. I think because it's ivf we are more prone to get anxious and scared. I don't think we will relax until they baby arrives! Hang in there Hun, well get there x

I am 10 +3 and still don't have alot of symptoms. Slightly tender breasts but only noticeable when I take my bra off and now and then I feel a bit sicky. I have had a scan at 6,7,8 & 10 weeks and baby is doing well. Don't think we will stop worrying untill our baby is in our arms. Congratulations on your bfp xx

I feel exactly the same and have been googling, six weeks pregnant what symptoms shall I have!!!

I am massively bloated and that is causing me a few aches and pains, which I'm worried is not normal. No sickness. Boobs hurt on and off, got my husband to feel them earlier to ask if they felt bigger etc he said they feel fuller haha. And I am v tired!! I'm really not excited atm, I think the excitement lasted a day and I make sure others that know, don't get excited either.. Just in case!!!

My scan isn't until next Tuesday and I'm sure that there's just going to be an empty sac!

Head wise it's mentally a horrible place to be in. I feel your anxiety..

But it is nice to know others feel the same and others aren't getting any massive pregnancy symptoms xx

My daughter has been exactly the same although she is feeling better about things now. She has her scan on Tuesday. I think because you have fought so hard to get where you are you are so scared which is totally understandable. Many women go through pregnancy without any early signs in the first few weeks. Try not to worry. As soon as you start feeling your baby move you will settle xxxxx


I'm 5 weeks 4 days and having the same aniexties. Aside from some cramping on and off and fuller boobs I feel normal. It's normal not to feel much in the early stages but it's the not knowing if everything is ok that's worrying. My SIL said she didn't feel anything until 7.5 weeks so I'm keeping positive. Like someone else said, the anxiety is probably much greater because of the tough journey we've already had to endure. Xx


Please don’t worry i’m 7 weeks 6 days and boobs hurting on and off is a good strong sign..you don’t need to have lots of symptoms. My weekly scans have been looking great and v mild boobs ache every few days was my only symptom... i’m worried as I don’t even have that since Thursday and boobs seem deflated. I have to wait til my scan on Thursday now to see what’s happening but everything you’re feeling is v promising!! Xxx

I felt exactly the same as this. My close friends would tell me I should be more excited which just added to the guilt. In time you will settle into the news please don’t beat yourself up. It took us until atleast 8/9 weeks before we even felt comfortable using the word ‘pregnant’. I’m now 14 weeks and those worries are behind me now as yours will be soon! Don’t get me wrong the anxiety never goes but it is bundled in with much more acceptance and excitement too now 😊. Take care and be kind to yourself X

Hey hun, I felt the exact same as you at this stage I had lack of symtoms and I felt that I should try and be happy after so many attempts if trying to finally be pregnant and get a positive. But unfortunately the worry just takes over and I think you just worry more that something is going to be taken away as you say. It Didn't help I was bleeding and cramping a lot to in the first trimester. I never stopped worrying until I started to feel the baby move at about 20 weeks. So it's completely normal and natural for you to worry like you are. Just keep a look out for severe cramping and lots and lots of bleeding. If you have none of those signs Hun your little one is probably more than fine In their developing nicely. I know it's very hard in the early part. You just think once you get that positive everything will be ok but then you actually worry more than you did when you were trying. Keep us updated Hun and hope everything goes well for you. Xxx


Hi I was exactly the same and posted a similar question to you just a few weeks ago. I'm now 12 w 3 days still without any major symptons and all is fine. I still have moments where I have to fight the negative thoughts out my head. Hang in there you'll be fine 😊 x x

Hi Megad26, I was the same way and then 7 weeks started and the constant nausea hit. I was so worried about no symptoms and now I have them full force and almost bed ridden. Every woman and every pregnancy is different, so try not to worry about the lack of symptoms xx

I felt very little at that stage in my pregnancy other than tiredness. The nausea started later but some people don’t even have that. I was like you - expecting to feel something and worried that it meant there was something wrong - but he was fine. Good luck for the rest of the pregnancy xx

Hi there, please stop all the negative thoughts in your head about losing the baby. I believe that you and your baby will be absolutely fine. I lost my stillborn baby in 2014 at 32 weeks because of preeclampsia. At that time, all I had in mind were only negative things and this led to negative things happened to me :(. You don't have to believe but this was my unforgettable experience that I had in my life and I would like to share :(. I was pregnant again at the end of 2015 and this time, of course I was too worried because I was afraid of preeclampsia might occur again to me. However, during my second pregnancy, I try my best to not to have any negative thoughts in my head and this helped me relax and reduce my anxieties. I also had a close monitor with my doctor and everything went well for me. I would like you to think positive and this will help reduce your anxieties. You and your baby will absolutely fine. If you have any concern about your pregnancy, please consult with your doctor like I did. Please take good care and be positive.

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