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Hello Everyone

As the title says and as expected because I started bleeding on day 6dp5dt, lightly at first but then I know a lot of women have bleeding in IVF and go on to have a bfp so had a modicome of hope. I'd gotten used to the idea of it being bfn so it's not such a shock today. It was our 4th transfer so that's pretty tough and we tried so many extra things - scratch, glue, steroids, blood thinners and intralipids. But next time we hope to put back only PGS tested embryos so if that doesn't work, we might start looking at other options, no one's mentioned donor eggs to us yet but we might look into that and adoption. This is such a devastating journey but I know it will end at some point, it might just be a few more years. I'm so proud of us all for trying and keeping going despite such a cruel experience.

Hugs to everyone 💖


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I am so so sorry to hear your devastating news. It really is the most cruel and painful journey to be on but your hope and positivity shines through in your message and that will get you through to the next stage. Stay strong, be very proud and know you are a strong lady, an even stronger couple and you will be fantastic parents one day. Sending so much love your way xxx


Sorry to hear your news. It is so hard when there are no clear answers as to why it hasn't worked. I know after 2 bfn's I can't imagine how I am ever going to see that second line, and it must be harder after 4. It takes a lot of strength to keep pulling yourself up and I can see from your post how strong you are. You are looking forward and have a plan and this will carry you through. If you are getting to 5 day transfers with good looking embryos, hopefully it is just a matter of time. The pgs sounds a good idea and will put your mind at rest as to how good your embryos are. Have they looked at sperm fragmentation for you too? We had much better embryos 2nd round after dh was put on supplements for this. It is so easy to assume our eggs are the issue! Best wishes for the future xx


So sorry to hear your news and yes your right it is such a cruel journey. I have been reading up about donor eggs and adoption and both have lots of positives and possibly routes we might go down if next few cycles don't work. I take comfort that one day I will be a mummy it just might be a different route than oringnally planned xxx



I'm so sorry to hear your news, it is a difficult journey and the one thing to try and keep is HOPE because one day your day will come. It's not always easy to see with everything you have gone through but there are good stories as well as the bad ones and I'm sure your time will come and when it does what a lovely day it will be. Keep going and see what is best for you out there, ask your consultant questions and hopefully you won't have to wait to long to see him/her because this is a good time to get any other questions you want answered. Thinking of you xx


So sorry to hear this. Life can be so cruel sometimes and it can feel very hard to find the strength to carry on with IVF but you are clearly one tough cookie and have a great positive outlook that will help you continue on this journey. Wishing you lots of luck for your next cycle and lots of strength.



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