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Hi myself and my husband are starting our first cycle of IVF short protocol as soon as my next period arrives. I am on a high dosage of stimulation medication to counteract my very low AMH. I am just wondering how other ladies in the same boat felt just starting out on the first cycle I am trying to be realistic but optimistic at the same time if that makes sense I find it hard to get the balance people keep telling me I need to be more positive but at the same time I feel I might drop from a great height if things don't work and wondered if that's a normal was to feel? I wondered if anyone has any tips for staying calm. I'm trying to take an each appointment as it comes approach. My gp has recommended I try meditation? I do have regular counselling and Accupuncture aswell xxx

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  • Hi, I have just had my first cycle of icsi IVF I was also on high drugs due to low amh, I didn't respond great to the drugs and only got two eggs, one fertilised and one didn't sadly this time it didn't work. I think the important thing is to stay hopeful and defo take each day at once as it's such an emotional journey. Everyone is also different. Good luck πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thanks button thats really great advice As it's such a difficult journey. Wishing you the best of luck also xxxx

  • I've had 2 cycles with low amh. No bfp yet but I am responding well to the drugs and got some frosties waiting for me. Your feelings are completely normal. I think your brain tries to protect you by being negative sometimes to prepare you for the worst. I have just learnt to accept how I feel on different days and not beat myself up or have expectations on how I feel. Your approach sounds good and hope the acupuncture and counselling are helping. In some ways it is better once you get going as your mind can drive you crazy on the run up thinking of all the possibilities. Best wishes and good luck x

  • Hi Anna0908 thanks for the advice that's really helpful I do feel like I'm beating myself up at the moment thinking of the possibilities! Think worry is our own worst enemy isn't it! Best of luck to you also xxx

  • Hi, I am in the exact same situation and waiting for my first cycle to begin. Low amh and starting short protocol as soon as next period arrives, which should be during first week of April. I'll also be on a high dosage of meds.

    So I don't have any advice to offer as such as we're at the same point, but I'm trying to stay positive and optimistic but at the same time realistic. It is a difficult balance and I don't feel the same every hour of the day, I'm trying to accept that it will be up and down. I've downloaded a meditation app and have been using it for a few days. It does seem to be helping me to relax.

    The clinic nurse also suggested to me that I use this couple of weeks of waiting for my period to get some things crossed off my to do list as I probably won't feel like doing too much when the meds start. I've found that keeping busy sorting out the spare room and the shed this weekend and doing productive things has helped my mood. My husband didn't enjoy it quite so much!

    I'd definitely give meditation a go. Sending good luck to you xxx

  • Hi Jennie its good to know someone else in the same boat! It's difficult to know how to feel isn't it! I've been recommended the book calm don't know if you have heard of it? There is a meditation app that goes with it. Getting things ticked of your to do list is a good idea! We have a back bedroom with a heap of junk that needs sorting! It's hard to know how to feel isn't it. My mother in law told me the other day that she was sure it was going to work first time for us, I found myself getting quite frustrated with the comment even though I know she was only trying to help me feel better. Sometimes I feel quite optimistic other times I feel like we need to be more realistic aswell! Xxxxx

  • It's so strange, I don't know about you but it's all happened really quickly for us and it feels a bit surreal that it's happening so soon now. At first I felt really good, as our previous appointment at the clinic had been quite negative and I wasn't expecting to get the go ahead this time so it was a nice surprise. But then of course you start thinking and about it all.... I highly recommend that you get sorting out your junk, it's been quite therapeutic!

    I've not heard of that book or app. I've got an app called headspace which I'm using for 20 mins per day and really enjoying. I'll have a look for the calm one though.

    My mum keeps saying things like 'why wouldn't it work', it is frustrating but I guess it's better to be around positive rather than negative people?

    Positive but realistic, it's a fine balance!

    When do you start your injections? Mine should begin first week of April xx

  • Hi Jennie I've got to wait till my next period I'm quite irregular but I'm expecting it around 16th April before I can start the medication. I feel like it's all a bit surreal aswell. Feel like there has been a big build up then all of sudden it's like wham it's here!

    Yes l think your right I think sometimes families members struggle to know what to say for the best because they don't want to make us feel any worse and they know they can't fix it. It must be frustrating for them aswell! How is your husband coping? I think it's a really difficult journey isn't it. Glad to know someone in the same boat though xxx

  • Hi, I'm in the same boat as you, start in next few days when af arrives. I'm also low amh, short protocol with highest dosage.

    I'm the same, it's so hard to strike the balance, but Im thinking we need to be as positive as we can. it's going to hurt if it doesn't work and can't protect ourselves from that, but keep reading that positive outlook and being relaxed gives your body the best chance. Youre doing lots with your acupuncture and counselling. I bought a guided meditation CD from Amazon called the IVF Companion. You listen to one before egg collection and one after egg transfer. It's soo relaxing!

    Best of luck to you xxx

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