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Starting IVF treatment

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Had first went to the doctors in 2012 after trying for 2 years, I suffer from PCOS, during tests I managed to get pregnant naturally but then ended in a ruptured ectopic @9wks in April 13 which left me with 1 tube, have had no luck since and finally got the letter on New Year's Eve to say we'd finally reached the top of the list. Got my bag of drugs and ready to start on Sunday! We only get 1 go on NHS in Northern Ireland so need to give it our all.. I'm excited to be starting this, but apprehensive at the same time and trying not to build my hopes up πŸ˜• Any advice or tips would be much appreciated 😊

26 Replies
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No advice as such, just to say hi and if you have any questions this is a good place to ask! Good luck πŸ€

JulesNI in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you very much 😊

How exciting to start the journey!! If you have any questions, please feel free to message/post and vent your feelings lol We are all here because of the same reason. I cannot really give you any specific advice at this point but I'm sure the questions will arise during your treatment. Stay positive and good luck!! xoxo

JulesNI in reply to Nesfin

Thank you for your kind words 😊 Julie x


Hi JulesNI. Just wanted to add my good wishes for a successful treatment cycle. I will be thinking of you on Sunday as you start treatment. When you come to do any injections, try melting a cube of ice on the spot before injecting, helps to numb the area. Diane

JulesNI in reply to DianeArnold

Many thanks Diane 😊 I'm not looking forward to that bit 😬 I will definitely keep that in mind! Julie

I'm starting Thursday with the long protocol, my first go at ivf and only got one ovary. Looks like we can be cycle buddies x

JulesNI in reply to emmab178

aww, yes keep me posted .. best of luck to you x

girl15 in reply to emmab178

I have 1 ovary and PCOS waiting for my period so can start treatment 😬 Good luck.

JulesNI in reply to girl15

Best of luck to you too girl15πŸ€πŸ˜Š

Get news that you got to the top of the list πŸ‘πŸΌ

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself and just take every step at a time.

I start Sunday too so we will be going through it at the same time.

Lots of luck 🀞🏼


JulesNI in reply to Kloulou83

Thank you Lou, I will try 😬 Aww really.. lots of luck to you also πŸ€πŸ€xx

Hi jules just want to add my good lucks..i find it easier to inject after a shower when am relaxed and skins soft..also dont forget ur folic acid everyday and when u have ur embryo transfer drink plent of water everyday eat plenty of pinapple and keep ur tummy warm..good luck sweetie feel free to message me if u need any advise xxx ooh and welcome to our little family xxx

JulesNI in reply to emzlou25

Hi, thanks for the tips πŸ‘ Yeah I'm taking the pregnacare conception and have him on the wellman conception 😬 Aww thank you xx

emzlou25 in reply to JulesNI

Thats great Good luck i hope u get ur BFP xxx

Good luck feel free to asks question xxx

Thank you xx

Hi Jules, I'm almost finished my 2ww after my 2nd attempt of icsi in RVH belfast. The girls up there are brilliant. Only advise is don't be scared to ask questions to ur doctors. Good luck xx

JulesNI in reply to Rgf77

Hi, yeah that's were I am too! Thank you! aww best of luck to you also πŸ€Xx

Thank you nicknick 😊X

Good luck!!

Hi jules, I noticed you are from NI so had a wee nosey at your profile! I just wondered how long you had to wait from your consultation appointment until you actually started treatment? We have just come through first IVF with BFN :-( and we are now on waiting list for NHS free go. Best of luck with your treatment! Try and stay positive if you can, I found it very difficult but am going to try harder next time!!

JulesNI in reply to LeahLoo

Hey Leah 😊 aww sorry to hear that😞 we had our 1st consultation in York road about April time, then last one was end of May, we got our letter on NYE to say we had reached the top of the list, went to 2 appts at royal middle of Jan and got drugs to start middle of Feb and go for EC tomorrow! For me it has all went in quite quickly! thank you 😊 have you been to the place on the York road yet?

LeahLoo in reply to JulesNI

Ooh best of luck for tomorrow! Exciting! No, our first consultation is on 22nd March at York Road. Well that's good you are at this stage already at it isn't even a year since first consultation. I thought egg collection was ok, personally the uncomfortableness that the medication gave me was worse. Then you just have the dreaded 2ww! I caved and tested every day from 7dp3dt. But you will maybe be stronger than me!!!

JulesNI in reply to LeahLoo

Thanks Leah! yeah im more frightened of the medication 2moro rather than the procedure 😬 Oh not too long to go then 😊 fingers crossed you could be started before end of the year then🀞It'll fly in!! best of luck with your appointment!! πŸ˜ƒ

LeahLoo in reply to JulesNI

Thanks! No the medication on the day was grand. I was awake but a bit dumb lol. The menopur was the hardest for me as it was quite sore to even be walk but that went away soon after EC. You will be grand!

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